YouTube Pack – YT Material For Video Editing

YouTube Pack – YT Material For Video Editing

YouTube Pack for video editing download what people are watching-from cool music videos to stylish games, entertainment, news, etc. you like, share with friends, and watch on any device.

With the new design, you can discover your favorite videos easier and faster than ever.

Just tap the icon or swipe to switch between videos, subscriptions or accounts you recommend.

You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself or share in comments, stream videos to TV, etc., all of which can be done from within the app.

Children feel safe online
We will work hard to save YouTube Kids videos for the family, and use a set of automatic filters designed by our team of engineers, people will review and get parental feedback to protect users online. The youngest of us.

However, because there is no perfect program, inappropriate videos may appear, so we have been working hard to improve our defense capabilities and introduce more features to help parents provide relevant information to their families.

– Personalize children’s feelings through parental control
– Reduce screen time: Set time to limit the time your children can watch and help them transition from watching to work.

YouTube Pack – YT Material For Video Editing

Keep up with what they see: Just check the “Comments” page and you will always know what they see and the new interests they discover.

Don’t like this video? Block the video or the entire channel and never watch it again.

Flagging: You can warn us about inappropriate content at any time by flagging the video for review. The reported video is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Create different experiences for your children

Create profiles of up to eight children, each with their own preferences, video recommendations and settings. Select the “Allow content only” mode or select the age group

YouTube Pack – YT Material For Video Editing

If you want to select the videos, channels and/or groups that your child can watch, select “only allowed content In this mode, children will not be able to search for videos.

Kindergarten mode will record videos that promote art, entertainment, reading and exploration.

The small mode allows children between the ages of 5 and 7 to explore their interests in a variety of topics, including songs, animation, and art.

The mode provides children over 8 with the opportunity to find and discover other content, such as popular music and videos to play with them.

– Various videos suitable for all kinds of children
– Our library is full of home entertainment videos, artworks and indoor games on various topics suitable for your children. From their favorite shows and music, to learning how to build a volcano (or making mud;-), and everything in between.

YouTube pack that allows you to easily find the songs and videos you need and discover new tracks. Find playlists and recommendations for you based on your surroundings, interests and trends.

YouTube Pack – YT Material For Video Editing

New YouTube pack service

This is a complete music service that contains official announcements from your favorite singers.

Find the music you want
– Easily find the desired album, single, live performance, cover and adjustment.
– Don’t know the name of the song? Just look for words or explain them.

Explore new YouTube pack
– Get personalized music recommendations based on your interests, location and time.
– Use the “Feature List” to match your direction.

– Unlimited listening to music, absolutely no ads.
– When locking the screen or using other applications, there is no need to worry about music settings.

YouTube Pack – YT Material For Video Editing

Download and save your favorites for offline playback or play Mixtape offline


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