WhatsApp Status 2020 – Green Screen Effect – Video Editing

WhatsApp Status 2020 – Green Screen Effect – Video Editing

This program allows you to share the appearance without pictures, and share the best video among green videos.

Nowadays, it is easy to share touching lines with special people or friends, so why is it so slow to download an application in green screen format?

You can use these words to search for the following:
– Green movie video,
– Music video, green page
– Green background music,
– High-quality music videos,
– Spain, lush green landscape
– Pakistani film noir
– Backup work,
– Green video shows,
– Green leaf condition

Start working with the latest AI technology :
Select any image or video and view its content and background-not only can it be eliminated in the background, but it can also produce some excellent effects.

WhatsApp Status 2020 – Green Screen Effect – Video Editing

The program is based on photography technology and has the idea of ​​finding objects and boundaries on the image. Google Research Diplab is a platform for in-depth study of semantic image processing-now through AI green screen, this excellent technology can be used as a useful tool for daily use.

Allow AI to recognize objects in the image and decide which objects to use The true power of everyone’s creativity.

You can put back the power of what you noticed or anything else (backward) Product awareness is divided into three different stages:

(1) Personnel only: observe the personnel carefully.

(2) Personnel and vehicles (changes): Identify personnel, airplanes, bicycles, canoes, buses, cars, motorcycles and trains.

This method is useful for protecting all combinations of information that may contain confidential information, and for protecting privacy (such as licenses, licenses, etc.).

(3) All items: in addition to people and vehicles, also available: birds, bottles, cats, furniture, cows, food, dogs, horses, cans, sheep, sofas, ships and televisions

You can set effects on specific items or backgrounds: AI visualization, blur, tiling, green screen (with masked objects or green background), transparency (restore-transparency effect change PNG image, etc.).

WhatsApp Status 2020 – Green Screen Effect – Video Editing

Video Support
Output limit steering. The compliance level is not affected by the reduction. You can cut a video of the experience to destroy a part.

Interview video
I will automatically change the green screen and change the background and selected video.

It is suitable for graphics and video. If you can convert images to video, you can export images and videos from video footage.

Picture From Video
You just need to switch to a photo and get some non-stop cool loops for Instagram, TickTock, etc., you can convert your photo into a short video with video clips and smooth content!

WhatsApp Status 2020 – Green Screen Effect – Video Editing

Chroma Key
Use the chroma key to customize the green screen-or create a mask based on an Alpha (transparent) image.

Save the project as a label for later use Popular posts, photos and videos.

Create WhatsApp stickers
You can use all stickers on WhatsApp.

Use this program as part of yourself
You can send media to AI green screen from any program that monitors images or videos. Choose to share only the selected photos or videos and share them using the “green-green” interface.

WhatsApp Status 2020 – Green Screen Effect – Video Editing

Unlike most other AI models, the AI ​​Green screen uses the same AI improvements. This is a good opportunity because AI Green Screen will not send your photos from your cloud computing device. After editing, you can choose to share images as needed.

However, in this case, the basic functions of Android core are also used, and you can upgrade it.

WhatsApp Status 2020 – Green Screen Effect – Video Editing

Mask Maker
Color view: Sometimes AI does not produce good results-or you may want to remove people or objects from the AI-shaped shell It is easy to extend the mask using the “Mask Editor”.


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