W-Report – Recieve Notification For Android

W-Report – Recieve Notification For Android

W report: WhatsApp last viewed and online offline notification

Application function;

– Receive notifications when users access WhatsApp online and offline
– Report the time of the last person you wanted on WhatsApp
– Get the report to your email
– Sam Dem local demonstration for 3 hours
– Salex valid purchase package (daily/3 days/weekly/monthly/3 months)
– Customer Support

Create and send photo custom PDF reports with text and graphic explanations on your phone

1. Add your own logo app purchase company name, email, phone and contact name
2. Use camera to add captured photos or add via mobile phone
3. Add text annotations on photos
4. Use simple gestures to draw arrows, circles, tick marks, crosses and polygon explanations on the photo.

W-Report – Recieve Notification For Android

5. Organize photos by group and location-so you can create sub-reports
6. Create a PDF report on your phone and email it to the website
7. Add the size of pictures and photos
8. Customize the file size and the fields displayed in the report
9. Customize the spelling of labels

Our goal for this version is to provide a complete and stylish user-friendly heart moving image report tool.

The device was developed by a construction manager to create and send professional photo reports from the field but can be used to create photographic reports online.

This is our initial product. However, our future version will take the report to a new level. It targets real estate, construction, insurance, testing and education.

Broadcasters TV reporters journalists the world’s most popular and award winning professional broadcasting app that can convert your Android phone into an ultra-portable IP audio codec.

W-Report – Recieve Notification For Android

Use 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections to stream real-time, minimum-latency 15kHz HD quality audio to the Tylenx IP audio codec in the studio, or send 20kHz quality recorded news, sportswear reports and interviews to the studio . .

Report-IT Enterprise allows multiple users in the studio to use cloud computing concepts to configure, manage and protect all real-time Report-IT connections across IP networks.

There is no need to configure Reporter-IT to use reporters, organizers and remote geniuses.


– Centrally manage all user accounts and never reveal IP addresses and ports to users
– Non-technical users open the app, log in with their Tyserver credentials, and click “Connect” to go online!
– K two-way real-time 15kHz audio frequency at 24Kbps (support real-time audio at 14.4Kbps).
– Real-time reporting and recording.
– Add multiple recordings to the playlist of real-time reports.
– When you do not have cellular network coverage or WiFi access, record offline.

W-Report – Recieve Notification For Android

– When disconnecting, use WAV for manual or automatic file transfer.
– Radio-Assist supports recording audio and metadata
– Long-distance guests will get Tyserver login and conduct real-time interviews.
– Under the control of Studio codec, reports are highly secure, and reports can be viewed and used by IT users.

– Display your own/station logo in real-time and add a line to the real-time or pre-recorded report.
– Comp uses compatible Android applications to edit recordings.

Currently supported Android OS (December 2017)

W-Report – Recieve Notification For Android

– Bean-shaped jelly (4.1-4.3.1)
– KitKat (4.4-4.4.4)
– Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1)
– Marshmallow (6.0-6.0.1)
– Beef intestines (7.0-7.1.2)
– Oreo (8.0-8.1)
– Ibi (9.0)



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