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Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony – Latest Version

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony – Latest Version

The Voloco application handles real-time voice adjustments that combine harmony and vocoding. Choose a music collection, or the song you sing or rap is the library book Voloco fell down Voloco thinks he will be the key path for tuning, and your voice is the key.

Easy to give
Voloco allows you to easily record your own audio and video to display audio and video that can be shared Music video created a selfie! Instagram and tag it behind us If you like it, but we share with our social media accounts.

Export goods
Lord, if you want to transfer an application to another application, please resume your work in this environment You can even sing a song for recording to record the vocals, outputting only you and your final mix to other places.

Top of track
In the part of the application, check out the professional qualities that users have on Voloco popular tracks.

About the library
Finally, I will sing a library, and (no matter in the digital case) choose and grab.

Expected ten
Voloco contains eight preset vocal effect packages;

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony – Latest Version

Beginner: Two melodies that automatically emit smells, come from a rich and durable harmony encoder and noise reduction function.

My modern rock: bring the minimum height, width and thickness of the human voice.

Modern Music 2: The advertising effect of harmony is greatly improved.

Gain : The heating height indication exceeds the seventh tab Very suitable for presentations and representatives.

Bon River, lush melodic harmony, and appeared in the form of Bon Iver’s song “Silver”.

8-bit Chip: Helped them enter their favorite game of the 80s when he fell asleep

Pank Dust: Vodka sounds like an electronic duo from France.

Sitar Hero: Inspired by Indian classical music.

Voloco allows you to change the volume of a widget or application instantly.

Set the volume tap to set the parameters of the artwork itself. From the settings for maintaining the system environment, press and hold the button.

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony – Latest Version

What makes you uncomfortable is your day before; Nativ can choose one of each book In fact, unless it is changed to decoration, the setting of the cat’s book.

The function volume is set as a widget There are two aspects to these bulls’ minions rotation: first, in terms of sun setting, and therefore in its lowest part.

This song is a very powerful Android audio and music editor It supports audio editing, merge cutting, mixing, observing audio changes, format changes, video and audio, etc.

Free professional audio editor can help you create, easy to get started, music as you like, for you?

Powerful Voloco functions:

– Everyone has an editor, especially the song editing function works here?

– audio editing, audio support can change the volume, change the speed, etc.

– Multitrack ed PL, you can use multiple audio tracks to connect together!

– Hail Trimmer Manual: Quickly adjust and cut audio clips within the grazing range!

– No joint book, merge music files in one or two corners!

– Video converter, put it back again: it’s easy to rotate, I heard it is formed?

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony – Latest Version

– Easily extract videos about you from Google Video?

– Video and eat supports audio and video editing, easy to edit!

– How many stereo audio channels did Carl become mono?

– Audio cutter, can cut music videos faster and more accurately?

– Voice converter has different effects?

– Insert book: insert existing audio tracks into beautiful songs!

– Volume control commands, amplify terrible sounds, increase free volume?

– Rectal pitch easily adjust music-like pitch, singing effect is better!

– Equ Equalizer Book provides a variety of optional bows to adjust the settings?

– Book a 4-bit rate and easily compress the music size when sharing music with friends!

– Voice Canceller deletes song vocals, leaving only the music in the background?

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony – Latest Version

– Blank audio, create silent audio file? Bee Voice Book: Simply tap the start of the recording!

– Group eating, video and support group audio, and audio converter group?


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