Voip One Click – Second Number Calls & Text For Android

ClickVoip One Click – Second Number Calls & Text For Android

VoipOneClick is an open source program for making free / cheap voice calls with excellent sound quality and optical coding.

You will get a real phone number that can be dialed over a regular phone line (due to some restrictions of the local telecommunications operator).

VoipOneClick uses RSA 2048-bit certificate, AES 128 chip protocol and TLS / SRTP protocol to encrypt the communication, which is a lightweight encryption method that is still effective for hackers. (To code military components of type 8192, search in this “Cryptotel” store).

Deliver high-quality sound without delay, even when used on a mobile network

VoipOneClick can run on any WiFi / mobile 3G / satellite network and ubiquitous internet connection.

The application is available immediately after downloading, without any configuration or registration of personal data.

ClickVoip One Click – Second Number Calls & Text For Android

VoipOneClick enables you to call your friends and family anywhere in the world at the lowest rate. Save up to 98% on international phone bills!

No matter what destination you want to call: VoipOneClick guarantees the lowest level of availability!

All you need to do is download our app, sign up for VoipOneClick and buy a loan. You can easily save up to 90% of your monthly calling costs.

There is nothing worse than paying a phone bill: you can now spend more on everything you do than paying a bill!

Compare VoipOneClick rates to more expensive alternatives like Rebtel, Vonage and Skype and convince yourself: we are the cheapest option!


Not only can you save a lot of money on international calls, you can also save a lot of money every month by using VoipOneClick for domestic calls.

Next time you answer the phone for a neighbor or family member in another city, also use VoipOneKlick!

ClickVoip One Click – Second Number Calls & Text For Android

All you need is a smartphone, 3G, 4G or Wifi internet work signal, you can make cheap calls no matter where you are!

This is one of the easiest ways to save money, and with the cheap VoipOneClick call rates, you will never spend too much money on social phones!


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