Virtual SIM – Second Number For Android

Virtual SIM – Second Number For Android

Virtual SIM gives you a best chance to be in touch with anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Once you download the app, we will provide you with a free one-day US number that can be registered on many social networks Our numbers are rented monthly (you must enter the numbers each month), and you can dial numbers in many countries.

Most of our phone numbers are fixed, except for mobile phone numbers, we do not support SMS features: US, UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Israel, Finland even if mobile phone numbers are restricted on mobile networks, Can also receive its SMS- these.

We offer low prices for 120 countries, so you can charge up to $ 0.04 / minute. Also, all conversations and chats are free! You need to register with your mobile number.

So, what do we offer?

• Our phone and SMS rates are low
• Completely ad-free
• Print notifications so you do n’t miss any calls or messages
• Free app chat app
• Share videos, photos and locations
• Accessibility and privacy settings (no matter how many phones you buy, you can be online, busy or offline)
• Try our new voice change service. Call one of our test numbers for free by dialing # 381765410001 or # 381765410002 – Dialing other numbers will incur additional charges.

Special features:
Virtual Sim Card from different countries :
*United Kingdom
*United States
-No mobile phone reception necessary
-Receive SMS even on Tablet

Virtual phone numbers are updated daily with new numbers.

Even if the sender is in another country, all of our numbers can receive messages worldwide. Most importantly: the service will always be minimized and free.

If you need free online services in countries that are not currently listed, please check back later as we continue to add new locations and phone numbers.

We strive to receive free text messages online and promise to keep them without paying for receiving them. Send as many messages as possible to activate accounts that may require personal verification information.

Virtual SIM – Second Number For Android

There is no limit to how many times or how many text messages you can send to a virtual number. If our SMS service is useful to you, consider sharing it with the social network buttons at the bottom of the page.

We store message information for no more than a day and use secure connections to provide our content.

Q: How is this free?
Advertising supports the service, if you don’t see it, be polite and disable the ad blocker.

Q: Do you send SMS (messages)?
We only provide built-in services for all numbers. We do not send any messages. Our phone number is temporary, so another person may have the same phone number at the same time.

Q: How long are SMS (messages) kept?
After receiving for the first time, the mail will be kept for about 3 days.

Q: Do you have an API? Can I scrape the site?
This service is for end users, and it is forbidden to delete this website.

Q: How many messages can I send to the local phone numbers?
Although there is no limit to how often you can use the service, please be polite to avoid sending spam automatically.

Q: I need a local phone number from a previous month, can you provide it?
I’m sorry, but not All numbers are short-lived and will be changed regularly. We cannot access the old number.

Q: What does the local phone number in parenthesis beside the phone number mean?
This value is the total number of messages processed by this number so far Not all of these messages appear because some of them are too old and are automatically deleted.


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