Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant For Android

Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant For Android

Answer all calls without touching the screen Vani try now

With Vani you can use voice commands to manage daily calls.

– Say “Hello” to answer all calls.
– Say “No” to reject Alls calls.
– The speaker says “Speaker” to answer the call in speaker mode.
– Say “SMS” to send an automatic reply message.

Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant For Android

You can also customize it in your own words.

Choice-hello, sorry, goodbye, shutdown, Hola, etc.

When you are busy driving or driving, you can answer the call without touching the screen.

Vani can say the name of the caller, and through voice recognition, you can answer or reject the call.

Your helper can keep in touch with the most important people quickly and easily.

– Choose your favorite theme, live wallpaper or add your own photos.
– Grant the necessary permissions, everything is ready!
– Therefore, the next time the phone rings, you only need to say “hello” to answer the call after the ringtone (caller’s name).

Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant For Android

Now, share the screen of your smartphone device while talking on the phone Unique ideas for screen sharing while continuing the conversation.

No need to share a link to browse websites, read articles, plan, and shop with friends by calling.

Share the screen via voice call, it enables you to easily share images, videos, applications, e-commerce websites No need to share photos, links or any other way to use this method.

The Vani app allows you to share something in real time while talking with your friends.

Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant For Android

– Play the game while talking on the phone.
– Ticks are unique ideas for playing ethnic games while continuing the conversation.
– Both players should install this application.
– Only for Android smartphone users.
– When making a call, an Internet/WiFi connection is required to play the game.

Use the “Caller ID” feature to protect you from spam and anonymous calls.

Caller ID-The call blocker feature gives you the option to block unknown or spam callers You can update the spam database in the call block list Never be harassed by spam.

Features :

– Ancy fancy and fashion themes
– A large number of beautiful, dynamic and stylish neckline screens can be used to beautify your calls.
– cool and flashing LED lights
– It not only reminds you of calls, but also makes your calls shine.

Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant For Android

– Real-time caller ID
– Caller name announcer
– Identify caller name or unknown number and announce loudly
– Simple and easy to use
– Smart and fast, you can change your collar theme with one click.
– Battery friendly
– The lower the battery cost, the higher the efficiency.
– Call custom call screen
– Customize your unique caller interface.

• Please speak loudly and clearly when giving orders
• Grant all necessary permissions to make the application work properly.
• You can customize words to recognize, reject or speak in settings
• Have fun and have fun


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