Textplus – Free SMS Text And Calls For Android

Free SMS, MMS, phone and voicemail unlimited!

Use real phone numbers to call and text your friends-no phone service required Call any number in the US or Canada or worldwide via SMS

– Free SMS and call app and your preferred local phone number.
– Send and receive unlimited SMS/SMS/MMS/group messages to anyone in the US or Canada
– Advertising support or cheap local and international calls-choose the call method.

Textplus – Free SMS Text And Calls For Android

TextPlus is the only application with simple communication cheap and worry-free.

TextPlus allows you to perform more operations:

– Turn your tablet into a mobile phone, you can send text messages for free and make calls using real US phone numbers!

– Great for staying in touch with family/friends in the US/Canada while traveling abroad

– Send group text/message/MMS and SMS

– Free calls from all over the world, without restrictions!

– Unlimited free incoming calls-your friends can contact you at any time

– Access your chat and call logs on any device, including free cloud hosting

– Save a lot of money in your mobile plan

Is it really free?
Yes-there is no fee to send unlimited SMS messages, you can earn points for making any call (inbound calls are completely free).

How is it free?
The app comes with some ads, if you don’t like these ads, you can buy a subscription to delete them.

Great SMS call options:

• Anyone needs a second work/privacy number
• Children
• Advanced
• In the United States and travelers
• Anyone who wants to save mobile phone bills.

Textplus – Free SMS Text And Calls For Android

☆ Emphasize:

– Full image message (MMS): send, receive and save images
– Custom text tones, ringtones and vibration
– Customizable themes
– Quickly (and quickly) reply to friends

– Unified inbox: as a one-stop SMS messaging application, you can send and receive text directly from any device.

– True SMS reading and calling: call and call any phone that receives SMS text and any phone that you want to call.

– Voicemail
– Work via WiFi or data

Textplus – Free SMS Text And Calls For Android

Free SMS and make calls via Wi-Fi. No cell phone service is required.

NextPlus provides a complete phone service in one application, which can be downloaded for free and have fun.

Now, calling someone is as free as texting Of course, you can pay for the phone package, but why not use NextPlus-a phone company that can make calls and send text messages for free?

Your next phone company App
* Get a free phone number
* Free unlimited call and answer any phone number
* Send and receive unlimited free text messages and calls with anyone
* Free calls from all over the world, without restrictions!
* No transactions, no commitments, no phone purchases, no hidden fees
* Compatible with all your Android devices (mobile phones and tablets)
* No mobile phone service required
* Fun and social features

Textplus – Free SMS Text And Calls For Android

☆ How does this work
Unlike other apps 2-app messages, we can call you and send any phone number.

Your friend’s phone company charges us a small fee to provide text and calls on their network.

In addition to letting you pay, we can also let you watch some banner ads or watch quick videos. If you choose, you can pay 200 rupees and these ads may disappear.

The decision is yours Please remember that if your friend joins NextPlus, we will delete the video ads completely.

Textplus – Free SMS Text And Calls For Android

Think of NextPlus as a free ad-supported phone company that operates in the same way as popular free video and music services!

Includes additional fun and social features :

– Provide SMS immediately via push notification
– Can be used on multiple devices, we keep your conversations in sync
– Use pictures or GIF animations to personalize your avatar
– Group messaging support
– See you 24/7 among your online friends

Textplus – Free SMS Text And Calls For Android

What is new?

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed an issue where the “No Internet” slogan was sometimes displayed incorrectly on Samsung devices.
– Fixed a crash that occurred when rotating the camera
– Fixed the issue that sometimes it will stop winning new users after registration
– Fixed intermittent crash when sending/receiving video
– Fixed the instability of some screen sizes.
– Resolved some tablet support issues


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