Text Me Second Number Apk

Text Me Second Number Apk

Text me Second Number is one of the latest scams to hit the internet. It seems that this particular software is being promoted online as a great way to get in touch with someone you love.

The problem is that this particular software is nothing more than an illegal text messaging program. This means that it will not do anything other than that and will only give people the false promise of what they are going to be able to do. As a matter of fact, Text me Second Number Apk will not even work for cell phones.

This software has been designed by hackers with weak security measures and has even caused problems for Verizon wireless customers.

Text me second number apk

There is no question that there are thousands of people who use this particular application each day. If you are wondering how it can be a problem, here is how it works. People who download this application onto their phones end up at a website that shows them the phone number they have previously searched for.

Text Me Second Number Apk

So instead of actually looking up the phone number in their database, the person just clicks on the search button, which takes them right back to the original website they were on.

You might think that this could never happen to you, but it has. This happened to me just yesterday. I had downloaded Text me Second Number Apk onto my wife’s phone, and she was in the passenger seat.

When I looked at the screen, I realized that she did not even know I was behind her!

Of course, she called the number and I was happy that she was ok. Then, she went into detail about what had happened. Apparently, she found it while she was looking through some old files on her phone.

She told me that she had downloaded it, but that she really should have just used her phone’s data plan instead. After all, we all have that data plan.

Anyway, it turned out that she was actually calling me. In fact, she had been calling me hours before she told me that she had downloaded Text me Second Number Apk onto our daughter’s phone.

Text Me Second Number Apk

I found this hard to believe, considering that she was insisting that she was just looking for some old data that she needed. So, I decided to ask her why she would want to do that.

She said that it was because she was looking for an old friend of her sister’s. Needless to say, my blood pressure went through the roof. What kind of sick person plans out this prank with their kid?

But she just laughed and continued talking, saying that she would get back to me later. I was about to get suspicious, especially when she started talking about how she would like to meet me.

So, I followed her to her house and asked her if she was going somewhere? After she led me to a secluded area where there were no signs of anyone being there, I checked the phone for messages and calls. I saw that she deleted a bunch of recent messages from her phone and I was shocked.

Text me Second Number Apk gave me another reason to search for such apps. With the way she deleted her messages, she could very well have written something that will give me the slip and I will never know about it.

Text Me Second Number Apk

The whole situation made me paranoid and I started thinking that maybe I should pay someone to find out who she is calling through Text me Second Number Apk.

So, I started my search for a spyware removal program and guess what, I got what I was looking for.


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