Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers For Android

Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers For Android

Receive SMS online with a temporary phone number

Receive free SMS with temporary SMS and landline phone numbers for the UK, Canada and more Get online activation without your permission to check the phone.

You Can Send Free SMS in 9 countries
– United States of America
– United Kingdom
– Poland
– France
– Spain
– Estonia
– Brazil
– Belgium
– Lithuania
– Sweden
– Denmark
– Australia

We accept SMS from all over the world to our phone numbers in the USA, UK, Canada and other countries With our regular phone numbers, you can access and register on the website completely free of charge.

Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers For Android

Phone connections are deleted and all messages are canceled after 7 days.

All our contacts can receive messages worldwide, even if the sender is in another country.

After all, the service will always be small and free. If you need a free online service in a country not currently listed, please try again later while continuing to add new locations and numbers.

Fortunately, we are unable to provide any personal information with our regular service as many companies look for a phone number to verify or activate an account and use their app.

We understand that privacy is important and our services allow you to keep your contact information private when accessing SMS-enabled services. We do not store any message information for more than a day and use a secure connection for our services.

Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers For Android

Q: Do you send SMS?
We provide in-house services for all our contacts. We didn’t send any messages Our numbers are temporary so it’s possible for someone to have the same number at different times.

Q: How long does the SMS take?
Messages are stored approximately 7 days after they are first received.

Q: How long does a phone number change?
At the end of each month, all numbers are canceled and new ones are bought.

Q: How many messages can I send in Contacts?
While the time you can use the service is unlimited, we strongly recommend that you avoid wasting automatic numbers.

Q: I need a number from last month Can you state that?
Sorry no. All numbers are changed regularly We cannot access old numbers.

Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers For Android

Q: What does the number next to the phone number mean?
This value shows the number of messages managed so far Not all of these messages will appear as some are old and removed automatically.


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