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Temp Mail – Free Temporary Email Address For Free

Temp Mail – Free Temporary Email Address For Free

Temp-Mail is a best app which you can set up a temporary email address immediately and receive emails immediately, including pictures or any other attachments.

Forgetting to make your real email public to everyone. It leads to endless spam, advertising, email hacking and phishing attempts. Keep the box clean and safe. Temporary Mail provides a temporary, free anonymous email address in a 10-minute email format.

This application is an advanced version of the service, also known as 10 minutes, spam, spam, guerrilla, mail, mohmal mail, jumpawaymail, tempmail, tempail, anonymous email, spambox, email, burnermail, Trashmail, email 20 minutes, etc. But it’s more powerful, and you can choose to unlock unique advanced features.

Why We Use Temporary Mail?

● Ideas to hide spam
● No registration required
● Generate temporary email for use
● Protect your privacy and anonymity by preventing spam from entering your inbox
● Receive multiple or single attachments that multilingual

☆ Emails are always safely deleted

With the Temporary Mail application, you can:

Immediately generates a new email address Copy Oni to paper clip or use QR code Ni automatically receive emails and email attachments
● Get notified about new emails
● Read incoming emails, including documents
● Delete quick delete and / or generate new email address

Access Advanced Extra Features:

▪Name email name
▪Boxing multiple mailboxes
▪View email view in application
▪High-level domain
▪Store large email stores
▪Advanced support
▪No ads

If you choose to purchase Temp-Mail Premium, your Google Account will be charged within 24 hours after the end of the current period, and your account will be charged for renewal.

Temp Mail – Free Temporary Email Address For Free

You can turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to the Google Play Store settings. Premium subscription prices may depend on the user’s location, and you can clearly see the exact terms and prices on the purchase screen. After purchasing a subscription, any unused portion of the free trial period will be confiscated.

All personal information is stored in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of service

News Express:

Our service has been widely cited in various publications, YouTube videos and social media posts.

* Handling spam that floods your inbox can be stressful, and deleting and deleting messages is much better than what to do.

* This is a great way to stay anonymous and keep your main emails from data shoppers, scammers, and fake shoppers.

* The iOS app gives you a temporary email address, so your” real “inbox remains clean, making it the ideal solution for controversial newspapers, the world, and websites

* However, the safest method is to take advantage of the Temporary Email application. With this application, it will generate a temporary email address that has nothing to do with you or your personal information. Mail sent to that email address, such as Verify account or confirm code.

Temp Mail – Free Temporary Email Address For Free

Note: You cannot send this application by email, you can only receive it.
And our free service processes millions of emails per hour. Therefore, we cannot store emails for more than 1-2 hours, and we can change fields.

Do not use temporary email to register important accounts or receive sensitive data. Once deleted, we will not be able to recover any emails or domains.

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