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Talkatone – Free Texts Calls & Phone Number APK

Talkatone – Free Texts Calls & Phone Number  APK

Free calls, free text messages, etc. Get in touch with everyone who loves this holiday.

Make free calls & Text via Wi-Fi or mobile data Wherever you are, you can send text messages and make phone calls and stay in touch with your loved ones everywhere.

Calls for free in USA make international calls to the US and Canada without ever spending. Make free calls or text to keep in touch with your friends and family. When you use Talkatone you can call to anyone and text when you will need or make free Wi-Fi and data calls.

Talkatone – Free Texts Calls & Phone Number APK

Interested in making international calls?
No matter where you are, you can get extra lines of credit to call your loved ones.

Talk to Talkatone and get a toll-free number the next time you talk to family or friends.

Talk and write to Talkatone anytime anywhere.


Free Local Phone Number – Talkatone is your new phone !
– Talkatone can be used as a phone number.
– Get the toll-free American / Canadian phone number of your choice
– If you don’t have a mobile plan, you can call for free
– Even if you do not have an information service plan, calling free wifi can allow you to call someone

☆ FREE TEXTING & FREE CALLING- Call the U.S. & Canada
>> Call someone with SMS and Wi-Fi or cellular data without using a mobile phone
>> You can quickly send SMS, Wi-Fi or mobile data to your friends and family
>> Free SMS / MMS, free of charge and with your free US / Canadian phone number
>> Send free SMS / MMS group SMS to all users Send free SMS

☆ FREE BURNER NUMBER – Change Your Number Anytime
• Call the burner phone number and send a text
• Talkatone lets you record once for free. You just have to go to the settings and get a new phone number
• Start calling After you push the button, it starts collecting new text messages and sending text messages.

> Start writing about your life or exciting times now!
> SMS images are sent free of charge to an American or Canadian number
> Free SMS to a group of friends or family

☆ INTERNATIONAL CALLS – Buy Calling Credits for International Calling & Travelling Overseas
• Make calls and SMS phone numbers in the US via Wi-Fi without paying an additional roaming fee
• International calls make traveling easier. Now you can grab your Android device when traveling
• Get mobile phone call points at a very competitive price
• International calls are completely free

=> Mexico
=> Dominican Republic
=> Honduras
=> Nigeria
=> Colombia
=> Guatemala
=> And other popular calling card destinations!

– Use Talkatone from Android tablets to call and text friends and family No cell plan required
– Get free SMS and calls when connected to Wi-Fi
–  No text on your tablet’s phone number
–  Request a second phone number so that your tablet can use free SMS and phone calls

Talkatone – Free Texts Calls & Phone Number APK

Enjoy free SMS and use your free phone for calls.
Activate old numbers for free to start calling from a new phone number. You can make cheap calls to the United States and Canada without using data or minutes on your mobile phone.

☆ Download Talkatone for text input and easier calls.

▪Talkatone 911 does not support emergency calls or text messages.
▪The operator may receive a fee. Contact your service provider for more information.


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