Spliter – Video Cutter Splitor For Android

Spliter – Video Cutter Splitor For Android

Share and publish your complete story by dividing long videos into 30-second videos or personalized videos.

You don’t need to use many apps to share videos to update your WhatsApp status.

With Video Splitter, you can share videos and update the status directly, or post on WhatsApp and other social media.

Video splitting allows you to
1. WhatsApp split
– Automatically slice video for 30 seconds.
2. Custom sharing
– Personalized video sharing time.
3. Single section
– Choose the start time and end time and cut the video.

Spliter – Video Cutter Splitor For Android

Video Splitter can work offline, so no data loss or no need for this application.

Share/cut WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other videos.

Video Splitter divides your video into a few simple steps and saves the file to the phone’s memory (gallery).

The video splitter/slicer can maintain the original quality of the video after processing.

Application A mobile application application used to update the video status on all social media platforms or chat messengers, such as: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, IMO, etc.

Spliter – Video Cutter Splitor For Android

This feature is very useful when you need to share a small amount of large videos on social networks.

Option WhatsApp split option automatically split the video into 30 seconds to split into WhatsApp status.

Using the custom split option, you can split the video into the length you want.

Option to manually set the duration.

The option of sharing the only option provides you with an excellent tool for displaying video status.

Spliter – Video Cutter Splitor For Android

Video Splitter sharest he same size video you like.

Video sharing videos are stored to file storage.

Trim video on device

Divide the video into several parts based on the time you set for each part.

Results View the video results directly from the app.

There is no water.

Spliter – Video Cutter Splitor For Android

Share single or multiple videos directly from the app.

– Select the “Sp Split Video” option.
– Choose a video from a personalized gallery
– Choose an option from the “Split Video” page.
– WhatsApp split, custom split, single split.
– WhatsApp split: This option automatically splits your video into 30 seconds.
– Personalized sharing: select the time (in seconds) of the desired video.

– Single split: select the time (seconds) of the video to be cut.
– Annie saves split video
– Wait for the process to complete, or select the “Notify me when completed” option while the process is running.

Spliter – Video Cutter Splitor For Android

The “Let me know when done” option allows you to perform other actions.

The “Feature Notification” feature will also notify you of the progress of editing the video. After the partition is completed, he will automatically notify you.

Each selected single or multiple files are shared on each social media network.

If you have difficulty sharing videos every time you post on social media, Video Splitter is the right app for you.

This is a very fast and easy application for sending Big TIG videos to WhatsApp and other social media networks upgrade immediately.


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