SnackVideo – Earn Up To 2000 PKR

SnackVideo – Earn Up To 2000 PKR

Snack Video App for Android is one of the latest craze among youth. It offers great entertainment and fun while surfing the internet. The app is sim useilar to others like MTV Music Video, Vimeo and others.

roidapplicationthat can provide you full entertainment with its wonderful features. You can load, save and watch your favorite Snack Video anytime and anywhere without any hassles.

Snack Video App is a simple and easy to use app for all Snack Video fans. You can load, save and watch Snack Video in high definition quality from your mobile phone with amazing resolution.

The navigation of Snack Video is very simple and user friendly. Just like MTV Music Video, you can play Snack Video on pause, rewind and fast forward at any time you like.

Snack Video app was first introduced on Google play store and is available for all devices running on Jellybean (Jelly) -OS and above.

SnackVideo – Earn Up To 2000 PKR

To download Snack Video for your phone, just visit the Snack Video download page and pick the type of device to download Snack Video to. Once you have selected the right app, enjoy your Snack Video experience.

Get 500 rupees daily

Snack Video is a viral phenomenon! Hundreds of millions of people around the world have been enjoying their Snack Video experience from the comforts of their homes.

Snack Video is not only a movie, but it is an amazing collection of funny videos and hilarious stunts that will light up your day! What more can you ask for?

Snack Video is very simple to operate. You can load it up with your favorite Snack Video and start enjoying from the first second! Snack Video is very easy to view and you can start laughing as soon as you open the app.

The entire movie is ready and waiting for you to watch it! When you have finished watching your Snack Video, you can share it with your friends via Snack Video’s social media platform or you can save the movie to your own personal media and share it with your friends and family.

Snack Video has several great features that are sure to leave your friends in awe: interactive 3D scenes, easy to follow instructions, and lots of free Snack Tickets you can purchase after you download the app.


The free Snack Tickets feature is one of the best parts of Snack Video. As you search for your favorite Snack Video, you will be amazed at how many different types of Snack Tickets are being sold out!

Snack Tickets can be purchased at the Snack Video website or via the free mobile app Snack Tickets. Snack Tickets is a fantastic way to spend a few moments on the go and to entertain yourself on the move!

SnackVideo – Earn Up To 2000 PKR

Snack Video isn’t just a video app, though. Once you have downloaded the Snack Video app to your device, you can use it to browse through thousands of photos, create your own funny captions and add videos to your profile.

Snack Video also lets you see what your friends have been up to, complete with funny captions and videos that you can share with your friends! Snack Video is an excellent social media platform, which means you can view other people’s videos, comment on them, and even tag your own Snack Video to make it easier to discover new Snack Video from your favorite celebrities and YouTube sensations.

Snack Video is a fantastic way to entertain yourself and entertain your friends. Snack Video is a fun app that is available for free on the Android Market.

1. The invitation code is [369 372 299].Copy the whole text to the clipboard.2. Tap the link below to open/install Snack. (recommend way)

Invitation Code 369 372 299

If you love Snack Video and enjoy using your phone’s features to entertain yourself, then you should really enjoy Snack Video on your mobile device as well!


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