SecondLine – 2nd Phone Number For Android

SecondLine – 2nd Phone Number For Android

Are you looking for a standard telephone messaging system that can separate your personal and business relationships?


This is some good news.

2nd phone number application can provide an excellent experience for your corporate SMS and call system. Select any area code in your area, and then start messaging and calling.

2nd phone number application provides another phone number that can be used normally on the iPhone Turn your mobile device into a business phone.


☆ You can choose any number for a specific area code Send a phone call or message to anyone living in any city in the United States or Canada.

2nd Phone number app allows you to send photos to messages. Not only that, you can also add multiple people to your message list and start using the group messaging service.

New Features
★  Make Calls In 28 Countries in the world
★  Send SMS and view SMS history
★  You can add as many numbers as you need-the function of adding numbers is not limited
★  List of available numbers
★  Contacts access your contact list and sync with the app
★  Create and manage contacts in the app
★  Identify your numbers and use the “Name Number” feature to find them
★  So delete outdated numbers
★  Free International Calls

Today, you don’t have to send a second phone number through the wireless carrier. Instead, you can process on top of the best free and paid apps on the market to add a second personal phone line to your phone.

SecondLine – 2nd Phone Number For Android

Whether you need additional privacy or a second phone specifically prepared for business or travel, these apps can provide you with a secondary number.

This way, you can make your phone number private and only provide it to trusted contacts.

The second phone number is designed for self-employed persons, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and salespeople who need to effectively isolate their personal lives and workplaces. Do you want to manage certain phone numbers or use the U.S., U.K., and other 60 countries/regions on your device?

Now with the second one, everything is possible!

Why use the phone number 2 app?

• ESIM equipment local and regional data planning, very suitable for passengers

• Your virtual person/company is real and local calls are free

• Free or paid free international mobile phones from more than 40 countries

• Available digital types: mobile phone, landline and toll free.

• Call transfer, VoIP call, voice mail. Personal calls are free, but your carrier’s data will be charged

• Make and receive calls and text messages from anywhere in the world at a very low cost.

• Get free registration codes for WhatsApp and other accounts.

• Free roaming when connected to the Internet.

* Cheap business and private phones are everywhere
* Second phone If you don’t want to get the real number from your mobile phone number or mobile phone number, you can choose to customize your mobile phone or mobile phone and make a call.

SecondLine – 2nd Phone Number For Android

* When you want to make calls from other numbers, there is no need to purchase and exchange other SIM cards.

* You can use the new phone number in the phone number 2 application 2 to make a call.

* You will have a landline phone number or mobile phone number.

This app can help you distinguish from work. 2nd Greater than a fixed number Test the same location easily and safely in one of the second applications.

There is no contract, no problem, and registration is not required without verification. Stay anonymous, keep the team completely private, and burn the numbers after working with them.

SecondLine – 2nd Phone Number For Android

In the most popular situations
▪Buy and sell goods on e-commerce platforms
▪Accommodation in Airbnb or other serviced apartments
▪Use local tax service


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