Quik – Free Video Editor for photos For Android

Quik – Free Video Editor for photos For Android

With GoPro’s QuP Go Quro, you can create great videos with almost no sound.

Choose the photos and videos you like, and let Quik do its magic. In just a few seconds, it can find wonderful moments, add excellent transition effects and special effects, and keep everything in sync with the rhythm.

Edit the story with lyrics and easily share it with friends Editing will never be fast, nor will it be so interesting.


Add your photos and videos
Add 75 photos and videos from your Google Photos, Dropbox, GoPro Cloud or GoPro Quik Key safe deposit box.

Quik can also be used for photo animation.

Quik obtains data from GoPro videos (smile [1], face [2], voice, voice, speed, jumping, water, scenery, etc. [3]), and analyzes the video to choose the right time. Find faces and colors to make all frames perfect.

Quik – Free Video Editor for photos For Android

Manually adjust the design or points of interest.

Do you want to choose your time? Use HiLights to mark the best image.

Choose a topic
– Choose from 23 themes, each with transitions and graphics designed for any occasion.
– Adjust fonts, filters and graphics to suit your style.

Adjust video
Easily rearrange, crop and rotate photos and video clips.
– Customize your story with articles and footnotes You can also add emoji:)
– Let Quik use his magic in Smart Cuts or use short films.
– Speed ​​up video recording or playback in slow motion.
– Add GPS tag to show moving speed. [4]
– Quik automatically activates the sound when it detects it.

– Choose movie, square or portrait format to easily share on Instagram or Snapchat.
– Set the duration of photos and subtitles-quickly adjust cropping and changes.

Quik – Free Video Editor for photos For Android

Choose the perfect side
– Choose from over 100 free songs or use songs from your collection. Quik supports MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF and WAV formats.

– Start your music anytime during song playback.
– Quik will automatically change the rhythm to the rhythm of the music.

Record and share your video
– Record video in HD 1080p or 720p lightweight video for up to 60 seconds.
– Share it on Instagram, Facebook, etc or send private Quik via SMS or email.
– Subscribe + GoPro, the video you share will be saved as a shared link in your GoPro account. [5]
– Do you need more time to correct? Save the project as a draft and Cook will save it for 7 days.

Make a video for yourself
– Enjoy a beautiful day with a 24-hour flashback-prepare to watch an adventure video made using the last 24 hours of video.

– Quik is being used in conjunction with the GoPro app to bring it to QuikStories-an amazing video that has taken an automated video generated in the past 72 hours.


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