Quick Browser – Secure And Fast Browser For Android

Quick Browser – Secure And Fast Browser For Android

Quick Browser is a lightweight mobile browser that can provide you with a fast and safe surfing experience.

Download free browser; try the best experience Android browser.

★ Quick Browsing: Optimized for web browsing to create an excellent browsing experience!
★ Lightweight: The fast browser is only 2MB large.
★ Protected: Incognito browsing can protect your privacy.
★ QR Code: Support to scan QR Code.

✓ Simple and elegant UI design
✓ Import and export bookmarks
✓ Manage multiple tags
✓ JavaScript mode is disabled
✓ Best support for HTML5 and Flash
✓Custom font size
✓ Logcat output JS log

▪Intelligent download
▪Phoenix Browser can automatically detect downloadable videos when you browse the Web through intelligent detection functions, enabling you to download and save online videos from almost every website.

Through the download icon in the address bar, the Phoenix browser will inform the user whether the video can be downloaded online. You don’t have to worry about where to download online videos. It is very easy to download videos using the smart download function. (!!! According to Google ’s policy, YouTube cannot download !!!)

Private Mode
• Easily delete your history.
• Allow camouflage mode to keep any of your marks.
• The dedicated space for video download can protect your privacy.

Headlines / H5 Hot Games
Read the latest titles on entertainment, sports, health, business, technology, science, etc. Play the popular H5 light game now for free.

Bookmark / History
Bookmarks can help you save your favorite websites and provide quick navigation for later viewing The history list helps to remember Both can save you the time of browsing and searching your favorite websites.

Data Storage
Browser can help compress data, speed up navigation and save a lot of cellulose data traffic. The more times you browse, the more data you can save through the Phoenix browser.

Add shortcut
▪Add your favorite websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc., for quick access.

Speed Dial
▪It is recommended to use popular websites for quick access. You can customize the list to your liking.

Built-in video player
▪The built-in video player provides a one-stop service for playing videos from video downloads. You can watch live video without leaving the app.

★ Search engine
Switch search engines according to your preferences. We support Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, Baidu, DakDoggo and Bing.

★ Multi-label manager
Easily switch pages from multiple websites. Using the multi-tab manager can make your browsing experience smoother.

★ Incognito mode
Incognito mode makes your browsing experience completely personal, without any history, cookies, cache, etc.

★ Image without image mode
Disable image and video loading to save data through a weak network connection in image mode

★ Night / bright mode
When browsing in the dark, the night mode protects your eyes. Bright mode prevents the screen from darkening.

★ Advertising Block
The advertisement block can prevent all kinds of annoying advertisements, pop-up windows and banners, making your browsing more comfortable. This can not only increase the page load speed, but also reduce Internet data usage.

★ Screenshots
Crop any content you want on the webpage. Graffiti and editing can be performed on the cropped screenshots.

★ Switch to PC PC website
Support cross-device browsing, for example, from mobile phone to PC browser mode.

★ Synchronize
Import your history and bookmarks and sync them with your Google account.

* This browser is the fastest, easiest and most interesting mobile web browser.
* Simplifies your mobile life. Let it do this so that it will not do all the work.
* It is a free web browser that allows you to master the power of the network at any time.

★ Access, browse and search the web at a fast speed
★ Smart: Keep your favorite websites and mobile videos at your fingertips with smart search and desktop to mobile device synchronization

Security-through extensive security settings, additional components and non-tracking features, to ensure that your Android web browser is safe and private-

Main Feature:
– Quick start, page loading and fast rendering
– Multi-touch zoom
– Full-screen option support in the menu
– Easy to add bookmarks
– Can hide the zoom in / out button in the settings
– Support download manager
– New Homepage For more powerful functions, please download and try!

Quick Browser – Secure And Fast Browser For Android

It is an ideal web browser for fast network connections such as Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

Quick Browser – Secure And Fast Browser For Android

It is designed to make your Android device more efficient and easier to connect to the network!

★ Security and privacy: comprehensive protection. Personal browsing with tracking protection will block certain parts of web pages that can track your browsing activity.

★ Fast, smart: faster browsing, faster loading, better video viewing experience and web connection.

★ Web browser is a fast, safe, light and smart mobile browser. Designed for mobile phones and tablets with fast loading speed, fast search, HTML5 video player, tab bar, notification bar, incognito browsing and Flash player, it brings you amazing quality web and fast browsing experience.

★ Feature:
– Safe browser. Browse the web privately without keeping any browser history data
– Support Adobe Flash Player
– Quick start and browse and download files quickly
– Offline mode for browsing downloaded web pages
– Popular fast search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and other default search engines
– Quick search notification bar
– Quick search by voice
– Internet browsing with multiple tabs
– Real-time accurate weather forecast
– Bookmark and history supervisor, easy to edit and view
– On the practical homepage
– Browse desktop and mobile versions
– Support night mode and automatic switch setting
– No image mode while browsing
– Customize gorgeous themes
– User agent settings
– Improved gesture function
-Sharing-a simple and intuitive way to share mobile content via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and other social media channels
– More advanced settings
– Uses native JavaScript and WebKit engine, so the file size is smaller

Web browser is a high-performance lightweight Internet browser that does not require the size of other browsers.

A web browser with the latest security and privacy features can help you ensure Internet security.

Quick Browser – Secure And Fast Browser For Android

Download this stylish, fast, safe and smart web browser for free to start a quick browsing and quick search experience!


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