Pushbullet – SMS On PC And More For Android

Pushbullet – SMS On PC And More For Android

Send SMS and view notifications while on the computer

According to CNET, PushBulet “is an application you never knew you needed.” the reason:

Keep in touch
– Easily send and receive SMS messages from computer

– WhatsApp responds to messages from many popular applications, including WhatsApp, Kickstarter and Facebook Messenger

– Easily share links and documents between devices or with friends

Pushbullet – SMS On PC And More For Android

Never miss any notifications
– Phone to view all notifications on the phone, including the phone
– The computer deletes the notification on the computer and the notification will disappear on the phone
– Use the Push Ball channel to subscribe to timely notifications about your concerns

Save Time
– Use the keyboard instead of the handheld phone to get computer text from the computer

– Open the easiest way to find or share links or documents on your phone

– Process notifications on the computer immediately upon arrival

PushBulet is a great application for every phone”-Gizmodo

TNW App of the Year: PushBullet-TNW for Android

Pushbullet – SMS On PC And More For Android

Protected by Ure: Protect your notifications and SMS with end-to-end encryption Used by millions

A large number of our users have translated us into more than a dozen languages




Clone App-Clone and Dual App is the official clone app that can help you manage multiple accounts, clone WhatsApp and support WhatsApp Color Skin at the same time Most importantly, it is free and named!

Good idea:

– WhatsApp clone
Support WhatsApp multi-account operation on a single phone at the same time.

Private and free VPN
– The clone application will provide the most personalized VPN is free. Clone apps, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. can help you choose foreign websites.

Magic stickers
– Three very magical expressions have been added to the clone application They can communicate with your friends instead of expressing the static feeling you usually use Come try.

Color type
– Now supports multiple modes of dark mode, gold mode, blue mode, night mode, and cyan mode.

Floating label
– When you send a statement during a conversation, the expression will be very cool Make your friends happier.

Privacy label
– You can now personalize popular application icons and names to protect your privacy

Support 32-bit applications
– The 32-bit engine with unique core technology perfectly supports 32-bit applications.

Support 4-bit applications
– The 4-bit engine with unique core technology perfectly supports 4-bit applications.




No ads, completely free
– The Clone application has no ads and is completely free to provide users with quality services.

The best game is multi-count
– Support popular games, easily switch multiple accounts.

Balance work and life
– Support popular applications and provide them with stable multi-account accounts.

Simpler Dialer is the fastest distributor of Android phones for the following devices:

Call blocking, caller ID, smart contact search, call history, T9 and Nice Things:.

Main Feature
– Lower caller ID and spam blocker
– Call blocking calls-easily block unwanted calls
– 9 dialers-quick search by name and number
– Quickly search your favorite contacts
– Simple and intuitive design
– There are more than 40 beautiful themes

Call Identity
– Identify unknown callers and block unwanted calls
– SP block spammers-identify phone numbers and block spam calls
– If you miss an unknown call, find out who is calling you

Smart dialer
– Call is an excellent conversion tool for creating and adding new contacts
– 9 dialers-quick search by name and number
– Get what you need quickly

Introduction to Love and Challenge Favorite one-click call to your favorite contacts Quickly search your favorite contacts


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