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PUBG Ban In Pakistan 2020 – Banned PUBG – PTA Banned PUBG In Pakistan

PUBG Ban In Pakistan 2020 – Banned PUBG – PTA Banned PUBG In Pakistan

“PTA has received many complaints against PEBG alleging that the game is addictive, wasting time and seriously harming children’s health.” Ritter/Thomas White/Photo/File

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) suspended PlayerInnis War Games (PUBG) on Wednesday, a series of popular games that millions of people worldwide “received complaints from all walks of life”.

Officialy Notice : PTA has received many complaints against PBBG, including allegations that the sport is overcrowded, wasting time and seriously harming children’s health and well-being.

It also said that the incident that led to the suicide of PUBG games has also been announced in media reports “The Hon’ble Lahore High Court also ordered PTA to investigate and issue a judgment on this matter. The matter is scheduled to be heard on July 20, 2020.”

The country’s highest government also decided to solicit public opinions on video games. It add : In this regard people are encouraged to submit comments by contact – before July 10, 2020.”

Last month, a 10th grade student committed suicide in the second Gulshan-e-Abbas district of Lahore. The boy was found hanging in his room. The police also distributed a mobile phone near the body held by the PUBG sports app.

His parents also confirmed to the police that they had banned the boy from playing.

After the incident, a letter to the Punjab Police Inspector General (IGP) on Saturday called for a ban on popular online games.

This letter was written by SCP Liaquat Ali Malik on the advice of CCPO Zulfiqar Hamid. It said that online video games had a significant negative impact on young people’s mental health, and two suicides occurred in the city.

Allegedly, more violence is the cause of youth violence, and began to become violent. CCPO stated that the game should be banned and a publicity campaign should be launched.

Islamabad: The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) temporarily banned PlayerInin’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) online gaming industry from harming and harming players’ health.

The reviewer added: “PTBB has many cases against PBBG, including alleging that the game is drug use, wasting time and seriously damaging children’s health and well-being.”

It added that the ruling caused various complaints from the public, as well as “media reports that there were suicides that led to PUBG games.

According to media reports, suicide is the culprit of PUBG games. The Humboldt High Court in Lahore also requested PTA to investigate the matter and make a decision after hearing the complaint. In this case, the trial is scheduled for July 9, 2020

The Humboldt High Court in Lahore also requested PTA to investigate the matter and make a decision after hearing the complaint. The case is scheduled for July 20, 2020.

The statement add Officials also decide to solicit public comment on the game online. In this case, people are encouraged to comment through before July 20, 2020.”

Young man dies by suicide

Earlier today, The News reported that a 22-year-old man committed suicide in Quetta after he lost his job in PUBG Police said the teenager was frustrated with the boyfriend of the boy and was unable to play online games.

Two weeks ago, two teenagers had committed suicide.

The Lahore Police Chief asked the Punjab Inspector General Shoaib Dastagir to ban PHBG because a 1-year-old child committed suicide in the Lahore area of Hanharval after missing a mission.

A letter from Lahore City Police Zulfiqar Hamed to IG Punjab said: “PUBG is a popular online gaming platform among young people.

Under Investigation (PUBG)

Last month, local media reported that a teenager committed suicide at Hanjarwal Para in Lahore because he lost his job at PUBG.

Local police reported that the senior police said the boy “has taken the last step to complete his online game” Said said: “We found his body lying on the bed while playing PBBG games on our mobile phones,” he quoted an action by the police chief (SP) in Sadad, Lahore.

PUBG Ban In Pakistan 2020 – Banned PUBG – PTA Banned PUBG In Pakistan

The officer explained : That guy plays PUBG games for invest many hours every day. It’s great. PUBG is being investigated as a violent game, so many countries are considering banning it.

Earlier this month 20 years old man committed suicide in the Sadabazar district of Lahore. Police said the boy’s parents prevented him from playing online games.

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