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PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

Adding modern images, 3D text, shapes, stickers and drawings to images has never been easier.

With a simple and clean interface, you can focus on your work, pre-created presets, fonts, stickers, wallpapers, more than 60 unique options for you to choose from, and of course your imagination, you will be able to create beautiful graphics and Directly marvel your friends via phone or tablet.

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

PixLab Photo Editor is the best free photo editor and camera application. Try new drag and drop effects and excellent drag and drop effects (Gramy Art Sticker). One-click function can help you easily add beautiful photo filters and effects for free.

An amazing collage maker has proposed a simple layout for making photo collages. Easy-to-use blur photo options, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Facebook, Whatsapp can adjust the image size without cropping, it is not too difficult. All these amazing editing tools are 100% free!

Cool drop effect
The dripping effect is the latest feature of PixLab Follow the new trend, don’t forget to add a bit of effect, and then complete the photo editing.

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

PixLab offers exciting drop effects in a variety of sizes and colors, easily change the size and position of the drip effect Try different background colors for your drip effect and personalize the selfie.

Dirt art stickers
PixLab provides a lot of interesting stickers for you to choose. Decorate your photos with cartoons, doodles and favorite emotions.

Stylish makeup stickers are waiting for you Create memes to play with friends.

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

Choose from a variety of hairstyles, muscles and tattoo stickers. We regularly update the sticker and emoji library for special days, such as: Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Wonderful filters and effects
PixLab has collected the coolest photo filters and effects for you. Using photo effects and filters is quick and fun.

PixlLAb provides many favorite animal filters; cat, rabbit and dog faces Combine animal filter with trickle effect

Excellent features!
This beautiful candy camera is not only a photo editor, you can also shoot videos, make changes, change wallpapers, add filters, stickers and wallpaper

You can add text in different colors and styles. Create your own artwork and share it on social media, you no longer need to use the resized candy camera to cut out sweet selfies.

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

Both the front camera and the rear camera are ideal for collage creators In addition, your photos are attracting attention because of their dripping effect!

Photo Editor Pro
With the photo mixer and lighting effects, you can completely change photos with just one click. Use the desired filter and change it to a beautiful picture.

In addition to PixLab’s retouch photo function, beautiful neon filters and glitch effects are waiting for you. If you like ancient times, but goldies can choose sparkling, retro filters Hundreds of filters can provide you with perfect image design.

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

Collage creator
Fascinating photo collage tools can help you make collages using more than 100 grids, huge wallpapers and frames You can add up to 15 photos to turn your collection into a beautiful photo grid with a colorful layout.

You can also collage photos freely from scratch. Beautiful frames with dozens of fonts allow you to create collages and easily add text.

Scrapbook tbt pictures
With the help of PixLab, save your memoirs, which is unusual for your photography followers. Get ready to ask if you use Photoshop

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

Adjust size
You can make the blur effect of Insta 1:1 pitch photo editor DSLR equal. Beautiful photo editor brings you good wishes Glitch Photo Editor can help you improve your photos!

Neon spiral
The neon spiral is perfect for arranging your favorite photos and selfies. Then, you can change your favorite selfie to your liking, and then turn it into a cute selfish

You can spoil these defects and make selfies more attractive with new water drop effects, they have different styles and colors.

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android


Text: Add and modify any number of text objects…

3D text: Create 3D text and drag it over the picture, or place it on a beautiful poster…

Text effects: Dozens of text effects make your text stand out, such as: shadow, Inver shadow, stroke, background, reflection, relief, mask, 3D text…

Text color: Set the text to any fill option you want, whether it is a solid color, linear gradient, radial gradient, or image texture.

Text font: Choose from more than 100 selected fonts. Or use your own font!

Stickers: add and change any number of stickers, emotional forms, shapes…

Import images : Add your own images from the gallery on your phone. This may be convenient when you have your own stickers or want to make two pictures.

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

Draw: Choose the size and color of the pen, and then draw the one you want After that, the graphic acts as a shape, you can change it, change, add shadow…

Change wallpaper: You can create wallpaper: color, gradient or image.

Save as project: You can save all the operations as a project. You can use it even if you close the application!

Remove wallpaper: Is the green screen, blue screen or white wallpaper on the back of the object among the pictures found in Google Images; PixelLab can make you transparent.

Image perspective editing: You can now perform perspective editing (distortion) It is very convenient to change the content of the monitor, change the text of the road signs, and add the logo of the frame…

PixelLab – Text On Pictures For Android

Image effects: Enhance the appearance of the image, using existing effects including vignette, stripes, color, saturation…

Export images: save or share in any format or resolution you like. For easy access, you can use the quick share button to share images on social media by pressing a button (for example: facebook, twitter, instagram…)


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