Overlay Effect – For Best Video Editing

Overlay Effect – For Best Video Editing

Use overlays to give all images an artistic look.

Add personalized layouts, beautiful layout masks, exquisite stickers and creative overlays to your photos, and share them on your favorite social networks.

Main Features:

Personalized layout
Now, the most popular overlay function is here.

Express your creativity and use various fonts and colors to create a personalized layout.

Overlay Effect – For Best Video Editing

Choose mix, match and test to select more than 65 characters.

A set of prepared typography for photos No special editing or skills are required

Choose an overlay, change the color and clarity, and you can start using it. Fast, easy and super fun. Our growing list of software packages includes-

Quotes, birthday quotes, love quotes, calmness, popular quotes and phrases, Indian and bohemian art, summer, travel, inspirational quotes, emojis, carved Halloween art, fitness/cross adaptation and more.


Its official climbers are very interesting The poster pack includes-travel glue, photo booth records, Christmas, checks, animals.

Special appearances-Felix (Fox), Oscar (Oscar): Strong Pug (Tugg), Ted (Ted): Bear and Emily (Emily) are always cool.

Overlay Effect – For Best Video Editing


The mask looks best in a square image. You can choose from numerous borders, frames, patterns, shapes, mandalas, line art, and numbers to give the image a novel and original appearance.

Use this mixture to create a double exposure image and choose from various blending effects.

Choose a picture or choose from a set of predefined images Mixing erasers can give your editing the ultimate touch.


The delete tool works like magic, you can delete overlays, stickers, masks and filters from your edits. Therefore, be creative and create some amazing effects.


Create a DSLR image effect by blurring the background of the image to create an expensive DSLR camera without spending money.

Overlay Effect – For Best Video Editing

Image filter

Image processing with overlay filters is free, and all content can radically improve image editing.

Overlapping filters include Lomo, HDR, Grayscale, Soft Glow, Sepia, Pixlet, Sharpen, Vignet, etc.

Powerful adjustment tool

Simple and powerful image adjustment tool that can be used for image brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure, saturation, highlight, shadow, color, blur and temperature control.

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Share your favorite social networks with one click, such as Facebook, Instagram, VK, Messenger, WhatsApp and other apps.

Use the #MedithWithOverly or #Overley or #Overley apps on Instagram and Facebook to have a chance to appear in our official account.

Other features:

No need to open the gallery, please select an image from the application dashboard now.

Overlay Effect – For Best Video Editing

– Scroll and zoom the overlay anywhere in the image.
– Transfer compatible transparency to all overlays, adhesives and masks.
– Various overlaps, stickers and masks are divided into different packaging.
– Before and after viewing photos while editing
– Because life is full of forgetfulness, please undo and choose again.
– Preview the final image before saving and sharing.
– Personalized personal storage selector.
– Remove shopping ads in each application.


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