Orignal Music Video – For Amazing Video Editing

Orignal Music Video – For Amazing Video Editing

Powerful equalizer, quickly search all music and audio dio files, easily support music and audio dio file formats, and customize background themes.

One of the largest and most powerful music players on Android.

You can easily manage music, and the music player will guide you to easily find all the music on your phone.

The music player is not only based on the artist or album, but also based on the recording structure. More than three desktop .p widgets make playing music has never been easier.

More than 20 background themes to highlight your music player, which also makes your music player a higher experience.

The unique similarity makes your music sound like never before.

– Browse and play music by album, artist, genre, song, playlist and album.
– Automatically scan all song files and match your song with the most suitable lyrics file.
– 3 simple widget initial screens (4×1,2×2,4×1).
– Status notification support: play/pause, drag and drop and terminate album artwork, title and artist in notification mode.
– 5 teams are equal.

Orignal Music Video – For Amazing Video Editing

– Search popular music videos online
– Set as next song
– Free music editing/editing custom ringtones.
– 22 sets of melody for you to choose, or you can manually adjust.
– Relax function: make the phone vibrate to play the previous or subsequent song
– Beautiful background themes, more than 20 beautiful background images for you to choose.
– You can also choose your own image as the background.

– Editing sweet songs You no longer need to worry about songs without album names or artist names.
– Headphone stand Support one-key and multi-key headsets. Put the device in your pocket.
– Extensive music library search. Finding all music has never been easier.
– Custom playlist set album, artist, genre and folder in the playlist
– Display the latest playlist
– Headphone/Bluetooth control

Piano keyboard is the most popular piano and piano music learning tool on Android. Download now and immerse yourself in the invisible sound and experience.

Piano Keyboard is a Windows piano player with a 3D interface and shadow effects, which can provide a real piano experience.

To master the piano, you have to spend some money, especially the muscular piano, and sometimes you just need to look away.

If you have ever tried the piano-to-piano program, you can immediately satisfy the pianist’s favorite on the computer.

Orignal Music Video – For Amazing Video Editing

Piano keyboard HD can be used normally on tablet computers and desktop computers.

Use the ADSR filter to rearrange AD Dio, which can provide users with high-quality audio Dio. You can zoom in or out to view the entire keyboard

Piano keyboard function: piano game:

– 3D metal drop graphics
– The most realistic multi-sampled piano sound
– A lot of PPS. I.I.S. Choose a piano instrument
– Music library enables many users
– Composer: Write your own song and share it with YouTube, Facebook or other users of the app.

– 3D piano games, 88 multi-touch screen games, full keyboard that supports 3D touch
– 3D graphics play real stories on the platform
– 3D piano keyboard uses honest piano sounds.

The library has more than 750 songs, and the number is still increasing.

Integrated support for keyboard and piano bus applications and sounds

87 simultaneous multi-touch keyboards and Android/tablet screens.

Orignal Music Video – For Amazing Video Editing

Piano game HD is lost or paused at any time and re-learning notes

The piano will switch to piano mode to improve keyboard playing skills, suitable for left and right players.

Comes with video or audio dio recording (optional)

Piano keyboard can slow down the song or pause the playback at any time and start learning by taking notes

Switch to learning mode to test your skills and help distinguish between left and right hands.

HD 3D piano set has been integrated into audio dio/media/audio dio recorder

Comprehensive semi-centralized support: Use Apple Pull Camera Mera or any other Android compatible Android connector to connect a MIDI keyboard, and then view 3D artwork.

Display the piano keyboard on the screen and immediately share it to YouTube and/or Facebook from the app.

Midi Out/Virtual Midi Out: Which active devices are enabled and which programs support sound.

3D piano keyboard integration with p dio support and audio dio bus

Download free piano keyboard models, piano game models and digital download objects for computer graphics applications (such as advertising, CG work, 3D visualization, interior design, 3D animation and games), the Internet and related departments. 3D design.


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