Opera Mini Fast Web Browser AdBlocker APK

Opera Mini is a lightweight, secure browser that allows you to browse the web faster without losing your data plan, even if your Wi-Fi connection is poor. Opera Browser is the first and only browser to provide application file sharing capabilities.

The Premier League is back!

Opera uses Opera’s unique football news channel to keep you up to date with the latest football news, matches and statistics; everything you need for a game this summer! Watch the Premier League with Opera Mini.

☆ Main Feature

• Save data-Use our popular compression mode to save 90% of your data and browse faster, even on slow networks, without affecting your browsing experience.

• Fast and easy offline file sharing-Send and receive files securely without having to connect to the Internet or use data. Transfer music, videos, images or any other files at flash speeds up to 300MB / making it the ideal solution for sharing files anytime, anywhere! Scan the QR code and share it with any other Opera Mini user in seconds.

• Block ads-Opera Mini blocks built-in ads, so you won’t create annoying ads when you browse the web.

• Custom News-Use the latest news section on the Opera Mini browser to get the best news tailored to your interests.

• Video Download-No time to watch the video? No problem, click the new download button and watch them when you are ready.

• Smarter Downloads-Download files in the background and continue downloading large files until you re-use Wi-Fi. Opera Mini will inform you of the download time of the download. Just click the notification to download your download-you will no longer be able to browse the folder.

• Browse privately-Use the Private tab to browse in private and keep it secret from others without leaving a trace on your device.

• Tab Library-Open many pages simultaneously with tabs and easily navigate between different tabs.

Other Wonderful Things

• Night mode: When reading in the dark, the screen will dim to protect the eyes.

• Save favorite websites: Click the + button in the search bar to save the page to the shortcut menu, add it to the phone page, or save it for offline reading.

• Sync Device: Access all bookmarks, shortcuts, shortcuts, and open tabs from other devices.

• Open search: Set your favorite standard search engine.

Download Opera Mini Beta for Android. Check out our latest browser features and save your data while browsing. Get what you love online faster.

Check out the upcoming features of Opera Mini on our phones and tablets, Opera Mini is our best browser for Android 2.3 and higher. Opera Mini is fast, cheap and beautifully designed. This is a beta version and we hope your feedback will create a better browser for you.

Opera Mini beta is designed to be natural and easy to use. The Beta version of Opera Mini gives you a great browsing experience with less confusion, less effort, and an understanding of our upcoming features. Remember, this is a Beta application.

Download Opera Mini beta and enjoy one of the fastest Android browsers. Install and use for free at all times. So try to browse and enjoy the internet on your device in the fastest way.

Search Now

When you open Opera Touch, you are immediately ready to find content online. Start typing or use voice search. If you receive a QR code, use the app to scan it on your mobile device and then go to the website it connects to.

You can also use the Opera Touch browser to scan the barcode on the product and browse the Internet.

Design For Travel

Opera Touch lets you browse the web with just one hand, making it the best mobile browser for Android. When using the app for the first time, you will have to choose between standard navigation and quick action buttons.

However, you can change it at any time in the settings. If you choose it, the FAB is always available on the browser screen and you have immediate access to your instant search. You can keep and delete it to get the latest tags, or reload, close or share the current tags with your computer browser.

Quickly share files between devices using Flow

Using Opera Touch with the Opera PC browser makes it easy to browse the web and quickly distribute files on computers and mobile devices.

Connecting your phone to your computer to share files has never been easier. Just launch the Opera desktop browser and use Opera Touch as your Android browser to scan the QR code displayed there. No login, password or account required.

Just click to send links, notes, videos or any other files and they will appear on your desktop and mobile devices.

Safe Browsing

Opera Touch browser uses the latest Internet technology to ensure your safety. The data you send is fully encrypted. Browser applications also include cryptocurrency protection to reduce the risk of your mobile device overheating or running out of battery while browsing the Internet.

Block native ads for faster browsing

Opera Touch browser has built-in and optional ad blocker. When enabled, your Opera browser will block intrusive ads and make websites load faster than other Android mobile browsers


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