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OKEx – Bitcoin Crypto Trading Platform For Android

OKEx – Bitcoin Crypto Trading Platform For Android

OKEx is a Global Leader of Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency transactions. Support regular trading combinations and options.

OKEx is a global leader in blockchain technology. We provide the most reliable platform for environmental technology and futures trading.

We have 20 million online users worldwide and are one of the best online users in mass transactions.

The OKEx application is an integrated trading platform for digital assets.

You can control all transactions, lending, streaming, managing account time, etc. Oros is designed from the ground up to provide you with a safe, professional, transparent and comprehensive digital property experience On the phone.


1. The maximum leverage for trading futures contracts is 20: Bitcoin futures, Litecoin futures, Ethereum futures, ripple futures, EOS futures, classic Ethereum futures, Bitcoin futures. The future of Bitcoin gold

2. Fast transactions with up to 3 leverages: more than 400 trading partners support the Bitcoin, U.S. dollar and Ethereum markets.

OKEx – Bitcoin Crypto Trading Platform For Android

4. Not interested in digital property bitmaps

5. View detailed business information

Closed service:
– Deposit and withdraw funds anytime, anywhere.
– 24/7 customer support and multilingual.

OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with functions such as buying bitcoins, selling bitcoins, and buying and selling digital currencies.

OKEx free Exchange is the safest way to buy BTC and other digital currencies design and implement by the local experts.

You can also get the following services by installing OKEx Converter:

Currency and other digital currencies can be purchased 24 hours a day

Ability to sell currencies and other digital currencies 24 hours a day (no confirmation required)

Possibility of immediate transfer between wallets

– An online secure wallet that supports more than 400 digital currencies.
– Displays the current cryptocurrency value and charts that can be used for technical analysis.
– Historical records view detailed sales records
– Ability to record emails, phone calls and Internet chats
– The price is the best percentage in the competition, less than an hour

OKEx – Bitcoin Crypto Trading Platform For Android

New special features!

Take advantage of others by receiving notifications after your order is completed.

It can now be found in the shop section of the shop You don’t need to open the app to receive notifications.

Use profit trading software to increase profit on OKEx Welcome to use OKEx Mobile, it is the fastest, easiest and best Buy and sell faster in OSL through a fast and easy-to-use interface.

Now you can use the Pack1 plug-in to place a stop loss order behind StoppingBot OKEx

The program is a complete OKEx client with the following functions:

Buyers and sellers:
– Buy and sell any currency on Bitcoin through a fast, easy-to-use interface Designed to make trading easier, you like it Buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) in US dollars.

– Quickly check your open and closed orders Cancel open orders in a convenient way.

– List all wallet currencies with BTC and FIAT equivalent currencies and bitcoin amounts The best place to manage your cryptocurrency.

OKEx – Bitcoin Crypto Trading Platform For Android

– Profit from conditional orders. Create a coin market, buy and sell prices, and then let the robot place orders for you, so all you have to do is wait and get a bonus. Optional traffic lights can control fragile market conditions.

TradingBot Pack1 additional components:

Trailing stop
– Use the most powerful command to take advantage of TrailingStop! Your order will grow with the price!

Automatically start the robot
– Now you can configure the trading robot to restart when it makes a profit.

Complete application notice
– After the order created using the trading tool is completed, you will receive a push notification.

The number of simultaneous robots used at the same time is 25.

– All you have to do is write coins and then use trading robots to quickly buy and sell them.

When the price continues to rise, please use other people to make purchases. You will enjoy using this application for trading.

When placing an order, the program will notify you whether an order has been placed It also prints the current value of your Bitcoin currency through frequent updates so that you can sell it when you reach the desired value. Sales orders are released as fast as orders, so you can benefit from OKEx.

OKEx – Bitcoin Crypto Trading Platform For Android

The robot is fully customizable, you can set the amount to spend and the buying and selling process according to the current currency price.

You can also specify whether incomplete automation is required.

New features of SignalBot:
– Auto stop
– Refreshed
– Ability to cancel the request on the SignalBot screen
– AutoK prepares order


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