New Name Effects – For Editing

New Name Effects – For Editing

Do you want to be your favorite movie scene?

Do you want to look like FX with real movie effects, movie stars with VFX movie effects?

If so this is the app for you.
Change the natural background of the photo to an excellent photo scene, and add special effects, such as super power effect, VFX/FX/SFX effect, sci-fi effect, theater effect, animation and so on.

3D Movie Impression is a unique application designed for all movie lovers to realize their creativity and imagination!

New Name Effects – For Editing

The 3D movie effects application has a large number of realistic VFX/FX/SFX effect stickers and high-definition backgrounds from hand-selected movies.

Impress your friends and family by editing photos with this excellent 3D movie effect design application and sharing the created photos on social media.

Try to create movie scenes and images by selecting characters, selecting scenes and adding special effects to bring movie images to life

When cutting and pasting images, you can use 3D movie effects. To create a 3D movie FX effect from an image, just perform the following three simple steps:

1. Cut photos:
Use professional photo editing tools to cut image elements in the background:

• Auto delete: one-click background delete

• Manual cleaning: remove the background (regular) to wipe your fingers

• Lasso : clear the background of area selection

• Restore: wipe your finger to restore the background

• Undo, redo and zoom-get the correct result

New Name Effects – For Editing

2. Paste the image: Use professional photography effects tools (enhanced functions) to paste the cut into the background of the film effect:

☆ Opacity: mixed with background

☆ Brightness: Increase the brightness of the cut

☆ Saturation: adjust the saturation of cutting

☆ Clarity: adjust cutting precision

3. Paste VFX/FX/SFX effect stickers: Paste special visual effect stickers to make the 3D movie effect images more realistic.

New Name Effects – For Editing

By using 3D movie effects, make your ordinary images unforgettable. Try it now!

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