My Zong App – For Android Phone

My Zong App – For Android Phone

My Zong app offers many features from customizing your profile to browsing multiple apps.

This package is divided into “Call”, “SMS” and “Hybrid” to help you find what you are looking for You can now run and multiply packages and restart online

If you have a loan, just click the button and if you want, you can get a loan You go back to the app over and over to see how you use it and are divided into “Internet,” “Social Media,” “Minutes Online” and “Minutes Offline.”

Additionally, check out the content and history of users and find out more content uploaded to Pakistan! My Zong app can’t just meet your needs.

But there are plenty of giveaways in the “Fun” section and you’ll always be notified when you’re doing a new party!

The following is a list of all program features

• Build and maintain your reputation
• Choose your language: English, Urdu and Chinese
• Check your income and time
• Specify the package that the user will use

• Increase your peak and get credit
• Getting to know paid buyers and recipients from multiple sources
• Enable MBB and SIM features from multiple applications
• View usage history

• Get updates on new categories via the Notifications tab
• Buy 4G phones and MBBs online
• Access to entertainment, including Internet TV, theater and games

• Do a lot of research related to your needs
• Customer service users like Facebook, Twitter and chat 24/7
• Video guides, frequently asked questions and resources for Zong

This app is contains all packages offered by Zong.
▪ Zong call Packages
▪ Zong internet Packages
▪ Zong SMS Packages

You can activate and deactivate packages easily by using this App for free
One Click to activate and deactivate and check status of your current package.

List of packages
☆ Zong Call Packages
☆ Zong Daily Packages
☆ Zong Weekly Packages
☆ Zong daily internet package
☆ Zong internet
☆ Zong 4g
☆ Zong SMS
☆ Zong Call
☆ Zong Packages 2019
☆ Zong free internet
☆ Zong tv

The main features of all the latest packages

• Total call package
• Package
• Three Internet packages
• Parcel-based packages
• 4G network package
• Mobilink 3g packaging
• Mobilink Internet Package
• Warid call package
• Warid SMS package
• Simple UI sim package
• All mobile software packages are completely offline applications
• 3G application package contains basic control codes
• All free software packages include all types of software packages

Details of the package
Added Zongge 4g package
Added total call package
Added a short message package
Added Zong Internet Pack

My Zong App – For Android Phone

Now you do n’t need to remember complex package codes and their details information.
Therefore download the application and enjoy it for free.


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