Multi Parallel – App Cloner For Android

Multi Parallel – App Cloner For Android

Multiple accounts on social media and games The most consistent and fastest app ever!

Multiple unlimited accounts for WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, other social and sports apps.

Do you want to manage several interesting accounts and quickly open them?

Do you want to play games with different characters or multiple accounts for more fun?

☆ Similarities in different ways can help you manage multiple accounts.
☆ Easily save multiple accounts with one mobile phone and keep all accounts online at once!
☆ Create as many accounts as needed, change their forms with different names, and protect them with password locks.

64-bit programming is fully supported and can be used again without setting up a library. If you try to use a public service with only 32 libraries, please modify this program or set up a 32-bit library.

Multi Parallel – App Cloner For Android

Diversity is the same as most referral services, sports activities and the use of social networks. Support Google Play function, you can link music to Google Play games or other applications.

• Multiple subscriptions to your multiple messages, games and apps
• Balance your life and easily use multiple accounts on your android mobile.
• Two games and two entertainment accounts.
• Separated the clone and data of the startup program

Customize settings with different icons and characters Clocker privacy protects your account

You can turn off multiple matching styles or turn off other shapes.

Multi Parallel – App Cloner For Android

▪ Just switch between multiple unlimited accounts and one bomb
▪ Several have created images and tags for cloning through multiple accounts simultaneously.

Lighter and cleaner, fewer sheep and more energy consumption.

Other convenient and easy to use

Lite version of the most advanced features and excellent storage

Task license: Most operations are the same and require multiple permissions, but parallel operations require more permissions to operate the metal detector. Please keep the permits together to avoid any errors or damage when approaching

Usage: Similar functions do not have much information about memory, battery and internally running applications.

Product information: Please add white balance to your virtual machine.

Multi Parallel – App Cloner For Android

With orders and confidentiality: Most similarities will not collect your items The use of your information and information about the type of equipment can only be used to increase sales and track losses.

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