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Mehr Nastaliq Web Version 1.0 Beta

Since its release in 2013, NastaliqWeb has become one of the most popular web apps available to users who want to write Nastaliq using an Arabic keyboard. Its popularity has made it necessary to improve the app with new features and updates based on user feedback, which will allow users to benefit from the latest features without having to install anything new or change their habits. This blog post introduces Mehr Nastaliq, the new beta version of NastaliqWeb that makes writing in Arabic easier than ever before.

Mehr Nastaliq Web Urdu

Introducing: Mehr Nastaliq

We are excited to announce the release of the Mehr Nastaliq web version 1.0 beta! This new version is designed to make writing in Arabic easier than ever, with a streamlined interface and support for all major browsers. Plus, we’ve added some new features based on user feedback, including a toolbar for easy access to common features and an improved search function. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Mehr Nastaliq is the perfect tool for all your Arabic writing needs.

Try it out today! We want everyone to be able to experience Mehr Nastaliq’s beautiful design, so anyone can use this beta-version without charge. For those who do want extra functionality beyond what the free version offers, our paid versions include cloud storage (perfect for teachers) and advanced features like extra scripts and templates that are tailor-made for users with dyslexia.

Mehr Nastaliq Web Urdu

Mehr Nastaliq also comes as part of our Textile Writing Kit – now available at an affordable price from our partner J&P Books – which includes everything needed to write beautiful Arabic text: pen holder, glass bottle of ink (with built-in stirring stick), ink brush and water bowl.

Digital font makes writing in arabic easy

The new web version of Mehr Nastaliq features a digital font that makes writing in Arabic easy and fun. With this new tool, you can easily write Arabic letters and words without having to worry about the complicated rules of grammar. Plus, the font is also great for beginners who want to learn how to write in Arabic.

The best part about the new web version of Mehr Nastaliq is that it is free to use and available to everyone. So what are you waiting for? Try it out today! With Mehr Nastaliq’s new web version, learning how to write in Arabic has never been easier. It’s not just for those with an interest in Arabic

Literature : it’s perfect for anyone who wants to have their own email address written entirely in Arabic or someone who wants to share their passion with others by blogging about cooking recipes from the Middle East. You’ll be glad you tried out this neat tool! To learn more about the new web version of Mehr Nastaliq, click here.

Now available on MacOS, iOS, Android

If you’re looking for an easy way to write in Arabic, the new web version of Mehr Nastaliq is for you. Now available on MacOS, iOS, and Android, this beta version 1.0 makes it simple and straightforward to type in Arabic without having to install any extra software. Plus, with the new intuitive design, it’s never been easier to get started.

Give it a try today and see how much simpler your life can be. It’ll only take a few minutes to sign up and start typing! The interface is so user-friendly that even children will be able to use it. In order to make sure that no mistakes are made, we’ve also added a neat feature: every letter has its own sound as well as an image which lets you know what word you’re spelling.

Mehr Nastaliq Web Urdu

So now there’s no excuse not to learn more about the world’s second most used language! Sign up today and enjoy these features at their fullest potential. What do you have to lose? With every decision comes a risk, but I promise that it’ll be worth it when you finally start using our revolutionary application.

Why not give mehr nastaliq web version 1.0 beta a chance?

Join us today and soon enough you’ll be signing emails like this one: Hi Mom! It was great seeing you again last night 🙂

Free download at the App Store and Google Play Store

We are excited to announce the release of the mehr nastaliq web version 1.0 beta! This new version is a free download at the App Store and Google Play Store. The app has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on ease of use and writing in Arabic.

The new features include 1) Easier keyboard-based typing system: Traditional typewriter keyboards have been replaced by a single row of keys that correspond to letters and symbols, eliminating the need for number-based keyboards found in other apps.

Mehr Nastaliq Web Urdu

2) Suggestions for words that match your handwritten input: The software anticipates what you might be looking for as you write and provides word suggestions based on the shapes of your letters, so you don’t have to spell out entire words – simply continue from where you left off.

For example, if you’re writing بيتك، the letter ب will appear automatically because it’s likely that this was intended even though only two dots appeared. To make things even more convenient, predictive text also supports both Eastern and Western pronunciations of words through its autocomplete feature.


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