Lyrics Fonts Free Download For Editing

Lyrics Fonts Free Download For Editing

Lyrics Fonts

The use of music in Urdu Lyrics is a unique feature of the Urdu language. Unlike the Arabic Language, the Urdu Lyrics is mostly singing to convey feelings and to express appreciation of the performance. The use of music is mandatory for the songs in Urdu Lyrics.

Most of the Urdu Lyrics do not follow any specific pattern in their structure but instead it is a combination of rhyme, meter and rhythm. There are many types of Urdu Lyrics available in the market, these types include:

Lyrics Fonts Free Download For Editing

I’ve Been Lying in Baths of Honey: The story of a lady who gets married and gets involved in marital bed-room affair.

This type of lyrics has a melodious sound and an atmosphere of love and trust. It describes the innocence and youth of a lady who is involved in a very sensitive relationship.

I’m Like a Paper Bag: The story of two girls who fall in love and become inseparable. Both the characters are written in a very simple manner. The first character is a girl, while the second is a boy.

They are both depicted as innocent and cute. They have a great chemistry, which is written in their fonts. These fonts look very nice when they are printed on the T-shirts.

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles: The story of a girl who finds happiness after her husband dies. This song has a simple rhythm and structure. The font used for this font is Courier.

The font used for Urdu Lyrics that was later on evolved is Helvetica.

Lyrics Fonts Free Download For Editing

I’m Going to Wash That Away: This is a song that describes the relationship between 2 lovers. The words are in the first line of the refrain. The music is composed by using a variety of notes. The most important note that is played repeatedly is B flat.

The rest of the song consists of minor chords. The music that is heard in this section has an English tuning that has been fixed to C.

I’m Going to Get You Out Of My Life: This is a story about two lovers who have been in love for years. The words are in the first line and it describes how the relationship started.

It describes the pain and suffering that went with the relationship. The font that is used here is Courier. It has been adapted to fit Urdu lyrics.

I’m Going to Show You Crazy Dogs: The title of this song means crazy dogs. The music that is heard throughout the song has been composed using an Fsharp music scale. The fonts that are used are again F sharp.

A text called Babiye is also found on the T-shirt. The font used to print on the T-shirt is called Babiye. All the fonts mentioned here are available as T-shirts.

These are just some of the fonts that are used throughout the Urdu lyrics. There are other fonts that can be used but most people prefer the ones mentioned above.

Lyrics Fonts Free Download For Editing

Most Urdu songs contain the lyrics in Roman letters. To read them clearly, it is advisable to read them from right to left. For those who cannot read or understand Arabic there are Urdu translation services that can help you out with the language.

The importance of using lyrics fonts to write Urdu lyrics is that if done correctly, it will help in delivering the message in a more effective manner. Lyrics in Urdu cannot be understood or appreciated if people do not have English as their mother tongue.

In Urdu words and phrases are often translated into English so that people belonging to different countries can comprehend the story. So it is necessary to use lyrics fonts that are available in other languages besides English.

Lyrics fonts will make it easier for you to write and perform Urdu songs. The downside of using such fonts is that sometimes the translators create wrong translations. But we can all do our bit to make things right.

Lyrics Fonts Free Download For Editing

Most Arabic music scholars suggest that you should use modern fonts. This sounds harsh to some, because they feel that the older style of fonts are more beautiful.

However, modern fonts are much clearer than their older counterparts and so they are certainly better. If you want to look for Arabic fonts then you can visit any website where Arabic fonts are sold.



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