Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

This application can be used to delete or add watermarks to photos or videos.

You can use text and images with multiple options to add watercolors to images/videos, including animating watermarks.

You can suppress the watercolor by selecting the area of the watercolor (lasso or rectangular selection), and the application can delete it by dividing the surrounding pixels.

The perfect effect is with a logo at the end.

Terms of use

– It shows the option to select an image or video immediately after launching the application

– After selection, you will be asked if you want to delete or add a watermark

– If you select the “Delete Logo” option, you will enter a screen with a preview to specify the area of the logo, and select a rectangle (specify multiple areas) to match the operation, you can click the custom duration button on this screen to specify Time filter application.

Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

– You can select zoom options and pinch with your fingers to better select small watercolor areas.

– If you choose to add a logo option, you will be taken to the screen with the option to add text or images, where you can customize each option, such as changing the font, text, Color, size or rotation.

– You can also use pre-made images as watermarks or save specific settings as templates, and then you can use the “Save Template” option to apply these templates to other images or videos.

– Press the save button and wait for the result display and result sharing process.

Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

All exports are stored in the Watermark Manager folder in the root directory of the SD card. You can also use the “My Gallery” screen to view the processed files.

Frequently asked questions

How to add more fonts

Copy the font file (.ttf) to the Watermark Manager->font directory, and the application will select those fonts from there.

How to spread watercolor

Select the water image you want to animate, then click the button at the bottom, and then define the settings, such as the duration and direction of the watermark.

Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

How to improve the quality of the processed video

There is a gear icon in the upper right corner of the editing screen (where you specified the watercolor area and other elements), please be patient at the slowest speed, the video quality will improve.

How to save the logo settings as a template

After defining all the logo settings (images, text), click the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the settings screen, and then name it “Save Template” -> “Template” and you are done.

Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

Premade logo key

These are the images that come with the application, you can add them as watermarks, or you can load them from the settings screen.

What to do if there are more than one type of watercolor pen to be removed

Use the Add (+) action button in the bar below to specify another watercolor area.

Video format is not supported

Remove logo from video

Remove the logo from the video Easily apply the logo to the video, you can only select that part of the logo in the video and then apply the logo removal process to it.

Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

Logo deletion is very easy to use, and new videos can now be created Logo remove logo app helps you remove unwanted logos from the video.

Deleting a logo from a video is a simple process. It only takes a minute to remove a logo from a video and create a video without a logo.

– Select at least one video with a logo.
– You can select the logo part of the video, and then select only that part.
– You can crop the video to your liking to create parts without logo.
– Remove the logo and wait for the entire process to remove the logo from the video.
– You can get videos with deleted logos and share them with others through social networks.

Logo Remove Editing Effect – For KineMaster

Best Features:
– Support the main available formats.
– Delete or share videos directly from the list
– Play video files in high definition.
– Excellent user interface, easy to use.
-Instant sharing on social networks.




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