Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Provide the same destination for your customers

Thousands of businesses are getting huge benefits from virtual number services

Change more leads

Virtual number routing will call your agent, so you will not miss any company. Track, record and respond to every call to better manage customer expectations and promote conversion

Recognition quality

Evaluate caller’s sentiment and score customer conversations to rank leaders through automatic keyword tracking Reduce potential and reduce churn rate

Convert mobile web visitors into customers

Publish your virtual number on the website to talk to agents immediately Reduce customer waiting time and respond to requests in real time to convert more potential customers

Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Manage business calls anytime, anywhere

A virtual number allows you to manage your business without being linked to your seat. You can transfer calls to your personal mobile phone, so you can conduct business anytime, anywhere.

Employee and customer safety

The virtual number solution can protect personal phone numbers used to cover up and call to protect the identities of employees and customers.

Increase agent productivity

Intelligent call routing can detect passive agents and direct customer calls

Optimize campaigns and audiences with information virtual number solutions

Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

It is a one-stop call management and enterprise CRM solution for Nortrality’s super private industry activities.

Our products can help companies to individually and formally record customer calls and classify calls, or specifically record customer calls for future reference.

Through continuous improvement and updates, our goal is to provide your business with a complete professional CRM.

Our phone management solution can use patent-pending occupational health indicators based on SuperReceptionist’s in-depth insight and analysis functions to easily track your business performance.

Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Now, you can also monitor your business operations through your mobile phone and contact customers immediately via click to call.

This is a quick overview of the features that agents and business owners can use when using SuperReceptionist.

Company Owner

– Automatically record your customers’ calls and listen to them later

– To record only business calls, separate business and personal contacts

– Keep the dialogue label between the agent and the customer for future reference

Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

– Start a quick call between the agent and the customer

– View and update customer records stored in SuperReceptionist Business CRM

– Update discussions with each customer and initiate follow-up in SuperReceptionist CRM

– Use SuperReceptionist service to check coin balance to make or receive calls

– Track the business status between new and existing customers

– Understand the efficiency of your team based on missed calls and attending calls
– Customer’s geographic location

Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

– Use past records and the status of each customer to monitor agent call records

– The call record is “calls”, that is, missed calls, answered calls, outgoing calls or voice mail.

– See who is the call manager store and protect customer data in CRM

Knowlarity – Indian Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Team Member/Agent

– Use the daily to-do list of missed calls to organize tasks and follow-up actions.
– Receive reminders of missed calls and follow-ups
– Use the caller ID pop-up window to identify the customer, even if the number is not stored on the agent’s phone
– Call customers using click-to-call
– Record descriptive comments of conversations with customers and modify them at any time
– Mark the status of each potential customer
– Maintain a schedule with customers
– Listen to recordings of past conversations anytime, anywhere

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