KineMaster – Video Editor Video Maker For Android

KineMaster – Video Editor Video Maker For Android

Create awesome videos on your phone, tablet or Chromebook! KineMaster is a powerful video editor, easy to use and equipped with powerful tools.

KineMaster and all its editing tools are free to use, but you can use KineMaster Premium to open more functions. Use KineMaster to edit and share all videos!

The most important function

– Color matching tools for correcting and enhancing videos and photos
– Share on YouTube, Facebook and stories, stories, etc. on Facebook, Instagram channels!
– Create your video
– Air conditioning mode creates amazing and beautiful effects
– Add sounds, background music, voice changer and sound effects
– Editing tools for cutting, merging and trimming videos
– KineMaster Property Store provides music, clip art, fonts, stickers, transition effects, etc. to enhance your video, updated once a week.

– Speed control to achieve time and slow motion effects
– Preset volume settings for equalizer, duck and wide range of sounds
– Keyframe animation tool for adding movement to the layer
– Export 21 21p 4K video at 30 FPS
– Use different color filters to make the video stand out
– Many other features, options and settings!

KineMaster – Video Editor Video Maker For Android

When subscribing to KineMaster Premium, you will remove watermarks and advertisements, open predefined professional tool settings, and access more than a thousand advanced properties in the KineMaster real estate store. Join KineMaster now with the advanced app!

KineMaster is the editor’s choice Download KineMaster and create, edit and share your own wonderful videos!

Quickly and easily produce stunning high-quality videos like professionals.

Whether you are making movie-style movies, the latest adventure videos, or combining clips to share exciting and unforgettable moments, PowerDirector is your ideal mobile editing application.

With a large number of advanced editing tools that are updated every month and a simple and intuitive application interface, you can create videos that will amaze you and your followers.

Unleash your creativity. Create professional, high-quality videos quickly.

“KineMaster” was constructed with speed and efficiency in mind. Optimized on 64-bit devices, adjustments are smoother, faster, and more interesting Explore your imagination and create stunning videos anytime, anywhere.

KineMaster – Video Editor Video Maker For Android

Professional editing tools will stimulate your interest:

[New] Main Frame Control-Adjust the transparency, rotation, position and size of the image in the image and mask.

1. Edit and export 4K video*
2. Generate fast-forward or slow-forward video through fast editing
3. Use video stabilizer to fix shaking cam
4. Use the Chrome key to change the background through the green screen editor
5. Create amazing double exposure effects through video overlay and air conditioning mode
6. Upload directly to YouTube and Facebook

KineMaster – Video Editor Video Maker For Android

The right editing tools for creating any type of video:

– Just click to cut, attach and play videos
– Control accuracy, brightness, hue and saturation
– Apply amazing effects and transitions via drag and drop
– Combine photos and videos into one clip for a long time
– Add animated text or captions to the video in seconds
– Add the voice recorded in the built-in editor of the mobile device
– Use picture-in-picture overlay to create video and image collages


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