KineMaster Old Version – Editing App For Android

KineMaster Old Version – Editing App For Android

Make great videos on your KineMaster phone or tablet! Kinemaster is a lightweight, full-featured video editor with powerful tools.

Feature Highlights

– Add multiple video layers and attach videos, photos, stickers, special effects, text and titles
– Color adjustment tools to enhance and enhance images and video clips
– Share YouTube and Clinical Feed, Facebook, Instagram Feed, history and more on YouTube!

– Rename your video
– Start blending modes to create gorgeous, beautiful effects
– Sound, voice add background music, sound effects and voice changer
– Organize tools to publish your cropped and merged videos

From this, we have created Kainmaster’s wealth in the weekly store, which provides music, graphic clips and epilepsy, and the right stickiness Crossing to improve your land, I see.

KineMaster Old Version – Editing App For Android

In fact, from the time expiration movement to the effect power, time moves slowly,

Also target soft equalizer, volume and continental parts to achieve full Mers audio anchoring

Added the speed of the main animation frame instrument to the F level

– 30 Export 4K video at 2160p 30fps
– The video will apply different color filters to stand out in the video
– Are there many other features, options and settings?

Then, you will delete the watercolor branding tool and drive the victim to sign many agreements For Kinemaster’s advanced advertising, this is a smooth, competitive advanced competition, and easy to obtain arcs, which is a thousand kinds of Kinemaster assets.

Why Choose Kinmaster Editor?

What the author revealed is that he likes journalists, academics and Cinemaster on YouTube.

YouTube himself shared the content of Word on Instagram Download Kinemaster to create, categorize and edit your own videos, and share the wonderful!

KineMaster Old Version – Editing App For Android

KineMaster Editor and Movie Maker

– The video shows the best video editing function Creator Developers create memes, photos, pictures, music, videos and stickers, and create sound effect presentations.

The presentation is very simple and interesting New filmmakers can creatively and personally provide the latest versions of materials, videos and texts, 9, effects, GIF fashion filters, transitions and on-site copying. Vlog will create its own funny memes and funny videos.

Show the video editor online and see what I see?

– Provide filmmakers with simple and practical scene creators for video editing application developers, and both can be used.
– HD export without losing quality
– Easy to use the same separate video clips
– Hundreds of free music, fully licensed
– Zero/zero watermark when updating VIP ads
– Special footage used to create original video clips

KineMaster Editor
– More than 50 people are worried that an extended theme of music video/snapshot presentation/Vlog/interesting video will be created soon.

– Music with different backgrounds, you can also add your own songs. The rod is easy to watch movies or clips.

– Different types of text styles and fonts to create craft images.

– Pause videos with longer duration external filters. More than 30 filters are now supported!

KineMaster Old Version – Editing App For Android

– Provide background blur, amplification and wind speed adjustment function of audio sound.

– A variety of music can be added to perform predefined intervals.

– Create a funny JPG, GIF picture to create your list, you can see a jump.

Lorem video editing tool

– You can split to create/modify/merge/base/split/re/copy/rotate/blur/tilage or video on video clipper

– In other words, the audience is focused on the area you want!

– Use fast/slow motion to adjust the speed of each clip.

– Video dubbing Or loud sounds will increase the cooling effect of a cold, I can’t even see it.

– Graffiti video Add monotonous letters?

KineMaster Old Version – Editing App For Android

– Video backtracking, interesting and creative, can create original video playback video/vlog.

– Excellent center material: material/effect/result/adhesive/gif image/method/emoji/font/sound/fx etc.


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