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Jazz TV for Android – APK Download

Jazz TV For Android – Jazz TV On Your Mobile Phone

Jazz TV for Android is a modern-day technology that enables users to watch their favorite Jazz videos using their mobile devices. This particular application offers a full range of features, which is ideal for those who are more technologically inclined. Jazz TV for Android can be used on smartphones, tablets and even smart phones like the Blackberry and the Sony Ericsson.

It also offers users with a chance to watch their favorite Jazz matches, irrespective of whether they are staying in the comforts of their home or the comforts of their office.

Jazz TV for Android offers all the features that are commonly found in conventional televisions. These include the provision of channel selection and the provision of watching live television programs. The television screen is filled with animated images and video clips, which help in providing an experience like that of watching a live Jazz TV show.

Users can also connect to the internet in order to search for and watch their favorite Jazz videos. They need not have any special technical knowledge, and they can simply navigate their way through the various options that are present in the interface.

Jazz TV for Android – APK Download

Jazz TV for Android is a simple application, which has been designed in a very user-friendly manner. Even those individuals who are relatively techno-savvy can easily utilize this application, as it does not require any complicated installation procedures. It can be easily downloaded from the internet, after which it can be installed on to the phone’s memory.

There is no need to install any additional software in order to use the application, which further ensures that users do not face any problem in its use. Jazz TV for Android also utilizes the Android Engine, which further ensures that the television viewing experience on this application is absolutely flawless.

One of the most interesting features that Jazz TV for Android offers its users is the ability of recording their favorite videos to a large storage space, in the form of an SD card.

This enables users to easily transfer videos on the fly, whenever they want to view them at a later time. In fact, they can even set up an automated play list of the most recently played videos, so that they don’t miss out on the latest and most liked Jazz videos.

Jazz TV for Android offers users with great video playback quality, thanks to the fact that the device has a superior sound processor. Furthermore, the device boasts of an advanced video output, which enables users to view their videos in the appropriate size and aspect ratio.

Jazz TV for Android – APK Download

The video output quality is particularly good, thanks to the fact that the screen is 10.2 inches, which is a relatively high resolution. In this respect, users will definitely enjoy and find this video playback experience very satisfactory.

Jazz TV for Android is also compatible with a number of popular music sharing websites, such as Google Play, Yahoo! Music, Sonos, Vobile, iTunes and many others.

These websites allow users to synchronize their music library with their respective mobile devices, which can allow them to access the stored files wherever they are. Users can also enjoy video playback on the go, as long as they have their memory cards with them.

Jazz TV for Android offers a number of features and functionalities that all come packaged in one application, which further makes it very easy to use and enjoyable to use. For example, the application has a large file manager, in terms of which users can easily organize and manage their stored files.

It also provides the option to sort through all files stored by date and name, according to their last modified date. Furthermore, the application allows users to create a new project and save a customized play list, so that they can easily locate the media files they want to watch, play and pause them as and when necessary.

Jazz TV for Android also features an audio component, which enables users to enjoy live broadcasts of Jazz TV programs, in the respective native languages of the users. This feature is particularly useful for those users who do not always know or speak the native language spoken by Jazz TV itself.

Thus, they can easily view the program they want, regardless of their native language and dialect. In this respect, users will find Jazz TV an even more useful device, as it helps them in understanding the latest Jazz TV shows. Moreover, the application also allows users to access the free Jazz TV episodes, along with the ability to play them back later.

Jazz TV for Android – APK Download

Jazz TV Live is an online Jazz radio station dedicated to Jazz lovers. It offers music videos, interviews from famous Jazz musicians, commentaries from prominent Jazz artists and much more. This channel is exclusively for Jazz lovers. Jazz TV Live was launched in 2004 and is dedicated to promoting Jazz all over the world.

Jazz TV Live broadcasts twenty-two channels on its prime time programming which includes Jazz TV Live Sundays, Jazz TV Live Saturdays and Jazz TV Live Mondays.

Jazz TV Live Sundays features music videos and DVD’s of Jazz performances. The first season of Jazz TV Live showcased twenty-two Jazz videos and included rare video footage of concerts by legendary Jazz performers. Jazz TV Live makes sure that its subscribers have access to the most exclusive Jazz video archive.


Jazz TV Live provides subscribers with all the music video content available on Jazz records. The Jazz music video archive consists of rare live performance videos, studio videos, re-releases, DVD covers, video interplay and photo slideshows.

Jazz TV Live kicks off each week with a special Jazz TV Track, which is broadcast live from Jazz studios. Jazz TV Track is Jazz TV’s unique new feature that allows subscribers to experience the Jazz lifestyle from the comfort of their homes.

Jazz TV for Android – APK Download

Jazz TV Track is broadcast from Jazz studios throughout the week. Each week a new Jazz Track is presented, which showcases the week’s music videos from different Jazz artists including; Patrick Doyle, Lee Ritenour, John Butler, Paul McCartney, Andres Segovia, Wayne Newton, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, Joe Bennett, Carl Perkins and many others.

Jazz TV tracks can be played on any standard TV set, even on the internet with high definition televisions. Subscribers can listen to the Jazz tracks anytime they want, anywhere they are, as long as there are a television screen and a stereo system.

Jazz TV’s unique audio visual channels offer a wide variety of different music videos and photographs. Jazz TV has over seventy channels dedicated to music video events. All the channels on Jazz TV are accompanied by numerous commentaries by Jazz musicians.

The commentary is provided by some of the best Jazz musicians in the world, including: Paul McCartney, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, Jack Bruce, Les Claypool, George Harrison, Yusef Islam, John Lennon, and many others. Jazz TV also features short commentaries by professional Jazz TV broadcasters, including: Jason Segal, Gary Kroulhac, Dan O’Brien, Les Blank, and many others.

Jazz TV Live will feature up-to-the-minute video footage of all the Jazz events. Subscribers who want to watch a live Jazz concert can do so with a click of a button, right from their home computer. Jazz TV will send subscribers the link of the Jazz concert or video footage via SMS, email, or instant message every time a new Jazz video piece is aired on the Jazz channel. Subscribers can also view the entire Jazz catalog of videos via the Jazz on TV website.

Jazz TV for Android – APK Download

Jazz TV offers several other features as well. They offer a multitude of Jazz radio stations, featuring Jazz records on CD, and Jazz radio call-ins. Jazz fans can register online for an account and access thousands of exclusive and upcoming Jazz concerts and music videos on the Jazz website.

Jazz TV subscription fees are based on a monthly rate. For basic services, users receive access to seventy-five channels. Advanced subscriptions to the Jazz membership include access to a further seventy-five channels, as well as access to forty-two Jazz radio channels.

Jazz TV is available on digital pay per view programs, as well as on DVD. Video footage of Jazz performances is available for download on a monthly rate. The Jazz TV Live online community is also a great way to connect with other Jazz fanatics.

Jazz fans can send each other links to their favorite Jazz music videos and photos and ask questions about the band and the music.

Jazz TV is a one hour long video and can be viewed live or recorded and watched at a later time. As of this writing, Jazz TV has over eighty-five hours of video footage available for members of the community to enjoy.

Jazz TV for Android – APK Download

Some videos feature the band members, while others feature special guest musicians from different genres. Jazz TV is a wonderful way to enhance any kind of Internet related enjoyment.


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