Islamic Data Free Download – Islamic Information

Islamic Data Free Download – Islamic Information

Islamic Data is an Islamic research project, headed by Mouzalam el-Rabie. This Islamic Research program was launched in Saudi Arabia. It is the first online Islamic Education Database.

The database is being used for a number of purposes. The most important one is to provide accurate and up-to-date Islamic education data from all over the world.

Islamic Data

Education in Islam is a very broad topic. Islamic Education deals with a wide range of subjects such as the sciences, politics, economics, geography, history, human rights, etc. In Islamic terms education is also known as shariah or sharah. However, in the West, education is usually defined as curriculum based on knowledge and skills, whereas in Islam, the curriculum is mainly concerned with the implementation of Islamic laws and principles.

Islamic Data Free Download – Islamic Information

In Islamic countries like Morocco, Islamic data is available in different forms. These include books, periodicals, websites, and audio and video tutorials. These information sources are being accessed and used by people all over the world.

However, there is a problem with accessing this Islamic information online because not all websites contain authentic Islamic data.

It is very common for non-Muslims to use websites that offer Islamic teaching resources for free. But these resources are often fake. The information on such websites are very poor and out of date. In addition to that, many resources only mention Islamic subjects and gloss over on Islamic subjects. This leaves an unsatisfactory picture of Islam and its history.

To overcome this, many Islamic websites have started providing Islamic information that is correct, reliable, and complete. The work of Islamic information databases has become especially tough because of this.

There are about 400 different subjects in Islamic religion. To collect Islamic information from all these subjects, a lot of work is required.

Islamic Data Free Download – Islamic Information

Some databases and websites have used digital image files to reproduce the Islamic data. Such reproductions are technically flawless. The drawback however is that such images are difficult to recognize. In addition, such images are very expensive and they take a lot of time to create.

Another way of creating Islamic data is to use traditional methods of transcription. This is achieved by having a team of skilled professionals transcribe the information into a text file.

This text file can then be submitted to the concerned website. If a website can afford it, several Islamic scholars will review the translated document and give their opinion.

With Islamic data readily available online, scholars are able to make detailed studies about various subjects and issues. This helps them draw accurate conclusions about the foundations of Islamic law.

This new database system allows users access to reliable Islamic religious information of all kinds. And this new database system helps users to verify the correctness of any data they obtain.

There is one problem that users of Islamic data encounter. You cannot freely share your data with everyone else. As an Islamic scholar, you need to adhere to certain rules or face the risk of suspension of academic privileges.

Your data is private and confidential. If you disclose or distribute data that is already public, you may open up a whole lot of trouble for yourself.

Islamic Data Free Download – Islamic Information

But now, you don’t have to worry about that. There are numerous reputable websites that are willing to grant you permission to publish Islamic data. They perform a complete search of all Islamic websites and categorize them based on keywords.

The database is updated frequently and you can be sure that you will always be able to get current information about Islamic topics.

The websites that you are trying to access are categorized into different topics. You may choose a topic from a topic list and then choose a website that is related to the topic. Once you are through with your selection, you will then be asked to log in to the website.

You will then be able to access the database. Some websites require you to sign up to their membership websites.

Islamic Data Free Download – Islamic Information

You can use the data to write your own articles. You can even distribute articles that other scholars have written using the resource box provided on the website.

This will help you make your work much better and will gain more recognition in the academic arena. Hence, this tool should be used by scholars worldwide.


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