Islam 360 – Prayer Times Quran Azan And Qibla 2021

Islam 360 – Prayer Times Quran Azan And Qibla 2021

The first worldwide application of the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet can be traced back to an unparalleled set of unique features:


– Read the Quran through the Quran or Poverty List
– Read the Quran and translate it into English, Urdu, Hindi and Roman Urdu
– Reading Muhammad Jana Jiri, Nur al-Amin, Mufti Taqi Usmani, Tahr Kadri Taher al-Qadri), Amin Ihsan al-Islah, Nuham Hashemi Nazfi, Najat Hashemi Nazfi (Najat Hashemi), Abu al-Alaa al-Mawdudi (Abu al-Alaa al-Mawdudi), Kanz al-Iman (Kanz al-Iman) and other translations to read the Quran.

– Read Quran from Arabic to Urdu
– Interpretation of the Quran, Taqi Usmani, Abu Ala Al Mawdudi, Ibn Qusayr, Islam Al-Aha Dr. Israr Ahmed and Mufti M. Read the voice explained by the Sayyid Duo.

– Add your own notes to each verse of the Quran
– Save bookmarks of the Quran to record your location or highlight important passages
– Search the entire Quran in Arabic
– Find the complete translation of the Quran in English, Urdu, Romanian or Hindi text

Search from the Arabic alphabetical list found in the Quran and go directly to the verses that contain these words.

Islam 360 – Prayer Times Quran Azan And Qibla 2021

Go directly to any nanny of your choice in the Holy Quran and start reading from there.

Search the Quran with Arabic roots In Arabic, most words are derived from roots.

Normally, words are formed by applying vowels, prefixes and suffixes to the root Ideal for those who want to learn Arabic or the meaning of the Quran.

Search for the Quran by listing alphabetical lists or topics in English and Urdu

– Easily share any Aih with your friends and family
– Listen to the recitation of the Quran by no less than 12 famous reciters in the world.
– Listen to the translation and interpretation of the Quran by the audio duo

Call function:

Reading these seven books is the main source of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad has been recognized by the most sincere Muslim scholars in the Islamic community.

Islam 360 – Prayer Times Quran Azan And Qibla 2021

These scholars are: Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslims, Jami al-Tirmazi Sunan Abu Dawud. There are Sunan Ibn Maj and Munad Ahmed.

Read two second-hand books in the Hadith collection, namely Al Silsilah-Toos-Sahih and Mishkat Al-Misbah.

Read the original hadith in Arabic and translate the hadith in Urdu and English

All Ahadis have a complete international ranking reference (from the world famous Dar Al Salam publication)

Sahih Al-Bukhari, translatable audio duet, such as Al-Tirmidhi and Sanan Abu Dawud.

Read the hadiths written in the original books one by one

Read the chapters or complete chapters in the Hadith steadily (honestly) and mistakes (in case of weakness) from the liquidation book without filtering

Provide complete details for each hadith, including Baba, status/degree, status/reference degree source, Takhrij and Wazahat.

– Save the hadith to record your reading status or important hadith
– Easily share conversation texts with your friends and family

Collection of worship, memorials and supplications of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Islam 360 – Prayer Times Quran Azan And Qibla 2021

Tribute: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) bowed, prone, and prone after takbeer-tahariya, rak’ah, sincere remembrance and pleading after testifying.

– Rosa
– Pilgrimage
– Umra
– Namaz Ganza

– 27 prison lessons about Q dio
– Description of Picture Taj Mahal

Regarding the authority of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

– Full reference to the source of monotonous books
– Easily share any prayers with your friends and family

Other Functions:

– Check the local prayer time (in your city) so you can pray on time at any time
– Check the direction of Qibla so that you can always pray in the correct direction of Qibla.
– Praise
– Islamic History
– 99 names of the most beautiful names of Allah
– Share greetings

The Islam 360 app is constantly being updated and adding more books and features to benefit Muslim Ummah!

Islam 360 – Prayer Times Quran Azan And Qibla 2021

May Allah be well rewarded for your interest in the original source of our religious knowledge!


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