InternetGuard – Data Saver Firewall For Android

InternetGuard – Data Saver Firewall For Android

Applications and domains may be individually granted or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile data.

Internet access protection can help:

– Reduce your data usage
– Save battery
– Increase your privacy
– Control your mobile application
– Easily/block app connection
– Block background activities
– Receive notifications when new applications enter the Internet
– Close adult website


InternetGuard – Data Saver Firewall For Android

Easy to use
– No Setup Android native firewall protection!
– Don’t call home
– Don’t monitor and analyze
– Active development and support
– Support Android 5.1 and higher
– Support IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP

Packaging support
– Support multiple device users
– Allow allies to turn on the screen
– Stop potion while roaming

(Optional) Block system applications
– Auto start device
– Detect apps automatically installed on your mobile device
– Visit the website to identify and notify you of newly installed applications
– Enable/block according to personal application
– Disable background activities of selected apps
– Get complete data visualization
– Dark skin theme design

InternetGuard – Data Saver Firewall For Android

– Record all outbound traffic; try to export access rights to search and filter PCAP files for traffic analysis
– Allow/block a single address in the application
– Notifications about new applications Install InternetGuard directly from the notifications
– Choose another five themes, light and dark

No other unfounded firewall can provide all these functions.

– Why is Internetguard data usage beyond plan?
– This is a dream Internetguard uses the VPN software package on the device to create a firewall. When your application sends or receives every data packet via VPN, all incoming and outgoing data will be treated as Internetguard.

InternetGuard – Data Saver Firewall For Android

In addition, InternetGuard now has a personal data usage function that allows you to check the data usage of each application.

To view usage, select usage data from the main screen.

Internet Guard provides a simple and advanced method of blocking Internet access-no routing required.

No need to look for Android firewall anymore The Internet NoRoot firewall can be used to restrict network access required by applications, thereby saving battery, reducing data usage, protecting data plans and ensuring your privacy.

InternetGuard – Data Saver Firewall For Android

Separate Wi-Fi and/or mobile access to apps and addresses is not allowed or allowed.

The Internet has no roots Protect your personal information from being sent online.

When an application tries to access the Internet, the unrooted Internet firewall will warn you. Just click the “Enable” or “Reject” button.

InternetGuard – Data Saver Firewall For Android

Internet IP allows you to create filter rules based on addresses, hostnames, or domain names so that you can enable or disable personal connections for applications.


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