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IDM – Free Video Movie Music Downloader App

IDM – Free Video Movie Music Downloader App

IDM is the fastest and most advanced download manager on Android (supports torrent download) With pause and restart support.

it is 500% faster than normal download speed Best of all, it does n’t run background services without download content and the smart download option is disabled which increases battery life.

The best downloader for Android
☆ Accele supports download speeds up to 32 parts
☆ 5 downloads, up to 5 downloads
☆ You can pause and resume downloading, so you do n’t have to worry about bad internet connection
☆ Use magnetic links, torrent links or torrent files to download torrent files to your device
☆ Use ID IDM browser to download streaming music, videos, movies from favorite websites.

IDM – Free Video Movie Music Downloader App

☆ Automatically download music, videos, images from Instagram, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and other social media
☆ Supports HTTP real-time streaming website (M3U8 downloader)
☆ Clip Smart download option for download files when copying download links to the clipboard
☆ Compared with other download managers, the RAM usage of download IDM is very low
☆ Custom theme, custom theme or download from more than 100 themes submitted by loyal users


A grade Error handling
☆ Using the best method of refreshing expired links using the IDM browser in IDM Download Manager.
☆ You can directly update the download link and restart
☆ IDM comes with a very intelligent error handling program.
☆ Even if the Internet connection is lost, your downloads will not be damaged

Browse free of ads
☆ IDM Download Manager is probably the best pop-up blocker available for Android (in IDM browser).
☆ You can even set it to ask before opening a new tab
☆ Block host-based advertising blocks to prevent advertising
☆ Automatically update Adblock host files.
☆ You can also add your own online resources
☆ Add your own host file to prevent ads with undetected ID

Your Privacy matters
• The third third-party tracker
• Private private browsing mode is used for private browsing
• With just a few clicks, you can delete browsing history, cache, cookies, etc.

IDM Browser features
▪Multiple tags, history, bookmarks and other products
▪Even if there is no internet connection, you can save the entire webpage for offline access
▪View / save webpage webpage source

Batch downloader & Grabber
☆ Website Grabber can download all static files on the web
☆ Download files in batch download mode

Download manager additional features
☆ Many languages and many themes
☆ Download music, videos, movies and other files directly to the SD card
☆ Hide all ed download files
☆ IDM Download Manager uses file directories based on file type
☆ Password manager for password management.

IDM – Free Video Movie Music Downloader App

☆ Used to save the user name and password, so as to automatically log in when browsing and downloading files / websites.
☆ Protected by password
☆ Download speed is limited to download and upload speed
☆ Compute MD MD5 checksum
☆ Mobile WiFi cable mode is used to store mobile data
☆ Importing download links from text files or clipboard
☆ IDM Download Manager supports all formats: archive files, music, videos, documents, programs, etc.
☆ IDM download manager supports multiple web browsers: the default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

IDM – Free Video Movie Music Downloader App

Advantage of Plus version
☆ No ads
☆ Download scheduler to schedule your download
☆ 10 downloads at a time
☆ Support agent (with or without authentication)


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