HTTP Injector – SSH/Proxy/VPN For Android

HTTP Injector – SSH/Proxy/VPN For Android

VPN application for private and secure Internet browsing with tunnel technology.

HTTP Injector is a professional VPN tool and a real-time Internet browsing application with multiple protocols and tunneling technologies.

The encrypted connection SSH/proxy/SSL tunnel/DNS tunnel/ShadowsX acts as a public client and can access the Internet safely and privately. It can also help you access websites protected by firewalls.

The best part? You can configure the server and use this application to connect.

Please read the instructions before downloading

These tools are only for professional users

HTTP Injector – SSH/Proxy/VPN For Android

Access any website and service on the Internet and protect your fast identity on android for free. When using any public WiFi, protect Android devices from hackers and online threats.

• Secure connection using SSH or Shadsock tunnel
• Support SSL/TLS tunnel
• DNS tunnel
• No route required
• Specify an alternate proxy server to send the request to
• DNS switcher
• Create an SSH client
• Build in Shadsock client
• Create a host checker and IP Hunter
• Paid generator
• Apply filters
• Support Android 4.0 in Android 4.0 4.0
• Google DNS/DNS proxy
• Data compression
• HotShare-Trader unlock
• Ability to change buffer size etc.

Tunnel Type
▪HTTP proxy + SSH
▪DNS tunnel

As a supplier
☆ Export configuration is encrypted
☆ Lock and protect user settings
☆ Set custom messages for customers
☆ Hardware ID lock

The VPN cannot be disconnected while connected, please try to use the on/off data to force the VPN off.

Main Feature:
✔️ Safe surfing with SS SSH and VPN
✔️ Custom request header
✔️ Free VPN server
✔️ DNS changer
✔️ Configuration export
✔️ No root needed

Simple tool for modifying requests and accessing blocked websites after firewall, including SSH and VPN.

Get a free unlimited VPN server, free from username, password, registration and bandwidth restrictions.

Why use HTTP customization:
☑️ User friendly
☑️ Free unlimited VPN server
☑️ Custom HTTP request header
☑️ 1 to (2 (SSH and VPN clients)
☑️ Supports SSH and VPN SNI (Server Name Indication)

Permissions Allow:
* Photo permissions to access photos, media and files
* Allow to read HTTP customization and configuration components
* Task permission to create and manage phone units
* Allow “HDP Custom” to generate hardware and read ISP card information
* Device permissions to access the location of this device
* Allow HTTP custom read SSD, only for OS >= 8 (Orio)

HTTP Injector – SSH/Proxy/VPN For Android

How to share connection sharing:
▪Start the SSH or VPN client until a connection is established
▪Open hotspot/USB tethering
▪Check the log log, it will show the data binding IP: hotspot and USB binding port 7071 of the default proxy (if not a port server as a proxy)

▪The client connects to the hotspot and sets the proxy client to log information from HTTP Custom (you can see at the top how to set the image of the proxy from Android, if you use the desktop, please use the proxy set of type HTTPS in Proxifier)

>>Import files configured by other users (you can find them in your group/group chat)


Open the load generator and click create (settings must be adjusted) then select the server to connect.


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