HTTP Injector – EHI File Download 2020 For Android

HTTP Injector – EHI File Download 2020 For Android

The main goal of this file is to quickly share these files and provide basic tutorials for HTTP injection procedures.

* No account required to access the app

* Friendly user

*Free configuration update

Main Feature:

• After refreshing the management information, click Download.

• Tutorial-We will update more tutorials about this application.

• We will always develop the application to make it efficient.

The SSH injection program is a VPN that uses SSH+proxy to connect to your mobile data. In addition, it will help you access blocked websites in your country.

You can configure the server here, or you can try many payload formats that suit your needs.

This application does not require root.

▪Manually enter the server and proxy
▪Configuration import and export
▪Application filter (Torrent application interceptor)
▪On-load generator
▪Radio network
▪Update test

IPH Injector is a professional VPN tool that can use multiple protocols and tunneling technologies to browse the Internet privately and securely to create applications. You can surf. In addition, it can help you access blocked websites behind the firewall.

HTTP Injector – EHI File Download 2020 For Android

The best part? You can configure your own server And use this application to connect.

Use .ieph file format

☆ Please read the instructions first download
☆ These tools are only for professional users
☆ Access any website and service on the Internet and protect your identity.
☆ When using any public WiFi, protect Android devices from hackers and online threats.

New Feature:
* Use SSH tunnel to protect your connection
* Support SSL/TLS tunnel
* No route required
* Specify an alternate proxy server to send the request to
* Create an SSH client
* On-load generator
* Apply filters
* Support Android 4.0 on Android 10 4.0
* Google DNS/DNS proxy
* Data compression
* Custom DNS
* Ability to change buffer size, etc.

Tunnel Type
• HTTP proxy + SSH

Supplier Provider
– Export configuration is encrypted
– Lock and protect user settings

The easiest way to share files from Android to any device!

Select only one or more files.

The application will open an HTTP server where anyone can download files.

You can also click “Share” and “Share via HTTP” in any Android application.

HTTP Injector – EHI File Download 2020 For Android

The link will always be your IP address on port 999 For example: http:///

If only one file is selected, the link will automatically transfer the file. If you select multiple files, all selected files will be generated in zip format.

This means you don’t have to wait or use the space on your device If you share a contact, a business card will be created instantly.

After sharing files, no matter what program you use, you can click “Share Content Folder” to share the entire folder where the file is located (Only for supported file URIs)

Multiple users can be downloaded at once!

If you use a barcode scanner, a QR code for the URL will be generated.


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