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Headphones – Music And Bass Enhancer

Headphones – Music And Bass Enhancer

With the help of the headphone equalizer and its toolbox, you will be able to create matching applications that suit your theme. Support each product and its kind!

Download the application and start adding new features to the archive.

This way you can choose to read them individually or manually. To customize voice settings, use bass to add and edit points.

After the setup is complete, start the simulation and ignore it by starting Autogenre, the title equalizer will try to find the correct type.


Headache: Feel free to add! (Purchase premium items to add more items)

Headphone control: measure the frequency of sound frequency changes

The similarity between earphones and earphones: establishing a common basis to change the sound system

Header control: adjust this item to make it locked

Online headset equalizer: join this program, start uploading header files and customize sharing, cloud storage and download settings

Bass add-ons, maintenance upgrades and Virtualizer: press and hold the button to hear the sound from your ears

Bass, Midrange, Treble: Use three buttons to fully control words

Automatic type: replace current music and change settings (program)

Combined with control volume and system playback function: change volume setting and save music as unloaded music

Quick access to information: Use this information to quickly change your profile or access applications

Match: add your own matches to the title list

Replace and restore the headset for backup (refunds are only triggered by premium content)

Key player support:


▪Google Play Music

▪Music Pandora

▪There are multiple players on the Play Store

To obtain the form or send a bug report, please use the email provided or write to the old

If your instrument does not work, please contact us and we will do our best to serve you!

Modern languages: English, Italian, Russian, Indonesian

If you want to translate this program, please register this program, thank you!

The permissions are defined as:

Billing: Unlock premium content

BOOT: trigger the device to start

INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: for automatic type, online equalizer headset and check license

RECORD_AUDIO: used for control

CAPTURE_AUDIO_UTPUT and MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: for making audio and video

WRITE_INTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: The important thing to manage data is export / export storage


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