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Provide international high-quality telephones at low prices through the Internet.

The application provides high-quality international calls via the Internet.

Download the app and find it
• Free Ukrainian phone +380 89 3ХХХХ
• Your connection is a high-quality voice connection (2G / 3G / Wi-Fi);
• Free domestic and international calls.
• Low call rates anywhere in the world.

You will see it when you start to call the call price or phone number on the contact phone. is a new operator in the Serbian market, providing customers with unique opportunities to obtain phone numbers, make calls, send messages online and watch free TV.

It allows you to buy numbers from many countries and make calls at a lower price In addition, you are not obliged to change jobs.

Users on the Internet or outside can use customers and their telecommunications

Easy to use and easy to use

Different types of TV stations

Main Feature

Hide and save photos and photos: Only after providing the correct password, can you view or play the photos and videos uploaded to the phone.

These photos and videos can support cloud location to improve security. APK – Download App For Android

Call reminder: When you call, you can get the phone number from your inbox.

Application Application Key (Privacy Protection): Using application lock can prevent the privacy of social, photo, call logo and phone applications.

☆ Dedicated browser: You cannot access Internet sites from your personal browser Personal bookmarks also have a function.

☆ Cloud backup: Back up your photos and videos to the cloud, so that you will never lose them.

☆ Data transfer cloud backup function enables you to easily transfer data to new mobile phone by uploading device synchronization.

Password recovery : try to forget the password Set up a secure email at home so you can find it.

Advanced Features

Numerous barns and farmhouses
Create multiple toys with different passwords to store photos, videos, etc. One of them may be a fake vault.

☆ Steam mode
Disconnecting the Vault icon from the main screen can only be accessed with the correct password, so no one knows its availability.

☆ Warning violation
The image of the person trying to enter the wrong password will be kept secret.

The curtain took a photo, time stamp and postal code provided by all markets.


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