Global Effect – For Video Editing

Global Effect – For Video Editing

Star carpet effect: video editor, slow motion

Star Glitch special effects: video editor, tick talk slow motion is the best video editor and movie editor that can record VAS and retro videos.

You can easily create videos for FB, Insta and Tick Talk. Easy video editing functions with star effects and filters can create popular videos.

Slow motion (including Star Glitch effect video editor) enables minimal ticking operations, combined with impressive video Magic Effects, gorgeous filters, popular themes, special graffiti and popular music. Download Video Maker now and become a film expert!

Global Effect – For Video Editing

Star Glitch special effects-slow motion video editor provides amazing VHS, Glitch special effects and steam baud effects to distort your photos in an artistic way. It has many retro, vintage filters and aesthetic stickers With a simple touch, you can create simple photos with unique photo art.

Video trimmer and tick cutter
Cut the video to the required length at low speed and export the video to uts HD quality. Easy to use YouTube video maker

☆Video color adjustment
• Star VHS provides custom video filters and effects options by adjusting brightness, contrast, video saturation, etc.

• Star Video Star Glitch FX video effect creator
• Video editor with effects: errors, mosaics, mirrors, etc.
• More than 20 free movie style video effect filters to make your video more exciting

Global Effect – For Video Editing

• Change the aspect ratio of an aspect ratio video
• Star Glitch adjusts the video to any aspect ratio, such as 1, 1, 16, 9, 3:2, etc. There is no cropped video maker and zip video application.

☆ Slow motion video filter editor, video color editor and background
☆ Adjust the low-speed brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. to change the color of the video.
☆ There are more than 10 video filters/movie filters in Video Maker to make your videos look like movies!

☆ Starry video starry sky filters and effects
☆ Glitch Star VHS adds beautiful movie-style video filters and FX effects to videos for compatibility.

☆ Save and share video stars
Social slow and easy to share videos on social networks to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, music, Tick Tock, etc.

Global Effect – For Video Editing

▪ Glit Star carpet effect function: video editor, slow motion
▪ Display video slow motion giant photos to show videos and images
▪ Star Crop Star Glitch Effect Creator: This feature allows you to cut the Star Glitch Effect Creator into short videos and spend a good time in music, photos and video slide shows.

Star Glitch Effect Creator Photography: I can select images from your media library, or use my own music to create video images, or use my own music to create videos (for Android)

Edit the starry sky video of StarCraft to add your favorite music to the video, or you can choose the music available to us or record the sound

Star Glitch VHS Creator adds excellent filters or flash effects to make your video more professional than ever

Global Effect – For Video Editing

You can preview videos through music in “Happy Birthday Video” program, adjust the order of photos, change focus, replace images, add/change music or edit subtitles.

Star Glitch special effects-video editor, slow motion is an advanced all-in-one tool for flash art lovers. What are you waiting for? Download the app for free now!


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