Free Download Overlay Video For Editing

Free Download Overlay Video For Editing

Important: There are two versions of the screen cover, “free” and “pro When you install this app, you will get a “free” version.

To become the “Pro” version, you must also install “Screen Overlay Pro”, which will unlock all features. Read the following to understand the difference between the two questions.

What you can do with transfer screen

– Paste the parts of the screen to make it look the same (remove uneven spots and ridges)

Free Download Overlay Video For Editing

– Balance the screen color (make it look warm, cool, dark, eliminate blemishes such as yellow or pink)

– Timed activation of the overlay (for example, you want to read on the device at night and only want to apply the “reading mode” consultation at a specific time to prevent eye fatigue)


– Maximum 1 stamp
– Up to 2 sizes per cover

– Define for each shape type (rectangle or ellipse), color, coverage, style (solid or gradient), shape, position and rotation.

– Determine whether each cover is always active, or set the activation time and deactivation time

Free Download Overlay Video For Editing

– Change the visibility of each cover and each shape inside the cover

– Assign a name for each cover
– Copy the cover as the starting point for the new cover.

– Drag the list up and down to determine whether the cover or shape should be displayed above other locations.

– Make overlays quickly visible or invisible via screen overlay notifications (some app buttons do not overlap at the top, so you can temporarily disable the overlay, press the button once, and then open it again to do)

– Auto start after boot to start screen saver
– Test visual coatings and visual shapes to see on regular backgrounds
– Set the position and background color of the test screen

Free Download Overlay Video For Editing

– Security function to close the screen cover (if the overlay is too opaque and you don’t show it backwards, please use the device’s “open/close” button to turn off the screen 5 times and close the app)

Professional Edition features:
– Add unlimited overlays
– Each cover adds unlimited size
– All other features of the “free” version

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Free Download Overlay Video For Editing

Create double or multiple exposure images by mixing or mixing photos and photos. With Photo Blender, you can combine beautiful posters or photos into one.

Photo Blender is a one-stop application that can meet all your needs for adding, enhancing and editing photos Getting the right results every time is simple and powerful.


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