Free Conference Call For Android

Free Conference Call For Android

The fastest, fastest and easiest way to connect a mobile device to a conference call (such as ATC, audio conference, bridge call or unplanned conference with AT&T, Intercall, etc.) is one-click.

This is a must if you work in a global environment and already rely on a large number of Fortune 500 companies.

Support the most popular teleconference systems: webEx, Go2Meeting, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Teams (added in April 2020), Google Meet (added in April).

Send me unsolicited meeting invitations, and I will try my best!

The conference call dialer is designed for people who make more calls during the day on the road (driving, taking public transportation, going to the airport, running, etc.) or away from computers (especially those connected to your Internet). Check the connection (or not check).

Free Conference Call For Android

Way of working:
1. The conference call reads the contents of the Android calendar
2. Scan all events and automatically detect phone number, meeting code, PIN and access code
3. Every day will introduce all activities, and introduce the meeting room in detail

For conferences that cannot be automatically decompressed, you can use the 3-click method to select an event, then click the guest content item and click the “Call” button.

The conference call dialer allows you to specify a default prefix, which can be used to identify the phone number, conference code, and dialer.

It supports constant expressions (regex) for discovering data completely freely.

For more information about the conference call dialing procedure, please see the FAQ at http://bit.ly/conferencecalling.

Conference calls have never been easier!


– Collect meeting information from the calendar (when synchronizing with Google Calendar, Gmail, Inbox, Outlook)
– Call conference call invitation creation code/participant code-if multiple conference codes are found, it is optional
– Support for multiple paragraphs and favorite meetings (until the personalized DTMF code is defined)

Free Conference Call For Android

– Change waiting time, notification and prefix
– Home screen widget for quick “call my meeting” and “join current meeting”.
– Quick registration for conference calls through the app
– Automatically import bridge numbers from selected companies
– Announcement before the meeting (Wearable Android Wear)

Through a conference call, you do not need to enter the participant code or seek an invitation via email.

Everything is in your hands If you don’t have an external account (such as some other apps) or need to synchronize your calendar with an external data store, please call the meeting dialer and download it to your device.

– If your device has a “privacy protection” function (such as CM version 10.1+), please don’t forget Conf Call Dialer Whitelist. Otherwise, there is no calendar in the calendar selection list.

– Google Voice and Skype users-Unfortunately, neither Google Voice nor Skype can handle interruptions in external applications, so if you use Google Voice or Skype, you cannot enter the CCD CCD code or Leader PIN. Given that w.e.g.

Free Conference Call For Android

if they are looking for this feature, please give feedback to Google and Microsoft, which may soften their hearts…

Please note that the conference device does not allow you to directly conduct conference calls. You need third-party services to use them (WebEx, Go2Meeting, Microsoft Lync, etc.)

The conference call can be used with the calendar installed on the phone.

If the third-party calendar application you use (such as Touchdown, IBM Lotus Notes, or Samsung Knox) ​​does not display your data as a normal calendar, please synchronize the content with the installed Google Calendar.


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