Fongo – Talk And Text In Freely Second Number App

Fongo World Edition is the best way to call Canada & USA Local Number in the world.

Make sure you follow the Fango world publications

Your local Canadian phone number (the number is now available in many cities in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario)

• Free unlimited free calls within Canada.
• Unlimited free calls to any Fongo number anywhere in the world-no minutes call required *
• Unlimited incoming calls and text messages.
• Free unlimited text messages, group messages and photos worldwide *
• Save your Canadian family friends and classics by giving them a Canadian phone number.
• Free premium features such as visual voice, caller ID and call waiting
• Free international calls.

☆ How we are different

• Standalone: No need to buy or earn extra minutes and text by watching videos, downloading other apps or completing recordings Just buy the app and you’re good to go.
• Canadian Technical Numbers: Buy the app and get a local Canadian phone number so your friends and family in Canada can call you without paying long-distance international calls.
• Remember someone, any number: landline or mobile phone, domestic or international.

☆ Add Effectively

Save on SMS and long distance calls.

☆ FONGO World Publishing

Thousands of Canadians use our mobile service Now you can too. Buying Fono World Edition gives you access to the world’s best services for calling Canada and Canadians already.

☆ FONGO travels with world spending PAVR

If you’re on the go, avoid expensive calls for long-distance calls and data roaming by connecting to WiFi before calling or texting with Fango World Edition Five, the date of use

If you get connected, Fogo World Edition uses 0.5 MB of data per minute, so a 500 MB data plan will give you a 1000 minute period. If you switch WiFi, you can call almost permanently If you don’t have a call, Fongo will use the least amount of data to listen to the call.

☆ Important Matters

• Support Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS 4.0 or higher.
• Fongo use in World Edition you must be connected to a 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi data connection, and you must create a Fongo World Edition account.

• If your data signal strength is poor or the connection is slow, this application may not work properly.
• Make sure your WiFi network or cellular operator supports Voice over IP.
• If notifications are turned off, incoming calls will not be answered.
• Ask or need help setting up the device? On your account, click Support.
• Do you know how to improve Fogo World Edition? Click Impressions on your account.
• We charge a nominal fee for the application to cover a one-time fee for a Canadian phone number.


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