FlyVPN For Android – Secure & Fast VPN – Latest Version

FlyVPN For Android – Secure & Fast VPN – Latest Version

FlyVPN is a lightning fast VPN service that protects your Internet privacy.

why Is FlyVPN the best VPN in the world?

With FlyVPN, you can connect to more than 700 fast VPN servers in more than 40 countries. With just one click, you can fly from Hong Kong to London or Japan, and from the United States to China or Paris.

Use a VPN connection to protect your personal data with military-grade encryption.

Why choose FlyVPN?
– Enjoy a three-day free trial
– Unlimited VPN bandwidth
– FlyVPN has more than 170 Chinese servers
– Korea dedicated IP VPN and dedicated IP
– Open your entertainment content

We have established a global VPN network covering America, Europe and Asia, and will soon expand to more countries. Some of them are free to use, you can click on the logo and change the server at any time.

Download FlyVPN, the most reliable private network in the world, and enjoy a free trial!

Other interesting features you might like
– Friendly 24/7 support
– Use UDP, TCP and Socks5 protocol to provide encryption
– Improved server security: DoubleVPN server, Anti-DDoS
– Make multiple VPN connections under one account at a time

FlyVPN For Android – Secure & Fast VPN – Latest Version

Unknown connection
– FlyVPN Lite protects your network traffic in WiFi hotspots. You can browse anonymously and safely without being tracked. Protect your privacy, WiFi hotspot and internet security.

Visit the website
– Open websites and applications at high speed. Connect to FlyVPN Lite’s free VPN server and access blocked content immediately.

Free and unlimited VPN
– Unlimited free Android VPN client You don’t have to pay

Easy to use VPN experience
– Easy to use: One-click connection to a free VPN proxy server.
– Easy to download: small size. The download speed is fast, simple and space saving.

Save phone space
– FlyVPN Lite takes up less than 5MB of memory. Free up phone space and make the phone run faster. Don’t delay your call!

Main functions of FlyVPN

Unknown browsing: No need to install an incognito browser when using VPN. Just turn on your VPN and all Internet traffic can be fully encrypted. Your online activities will be well known.

Wi-Fi security: Since all your Internet traffic has been encrypted by VPN, no matter how hard you try to access public Wi-Fi hotspots, you can be protected from threats. Conventional Wi-Fi navigation can provide complete Wi-Fi security.

FlyVPN For Android – Secure & Fast VPN – Latest Version

Location Spoofer: VPN hides your IP address and therefore your location, so you can bypass location restrictions to access any content anywhere.

Install FlyVPN now for free:

Simple, free and unlimited

FlyVPN Free is easy to use (just click to connect), it is always free, provides unlimited speed and unlimited usage time, and does not require other credit cards or permissions.

60+ locations servers

Access servers from more than 60 countries/regions, including: United States, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, etc.

Open global websites, apps, games and video streams

You can use FlyVPN to open any website, application or game for free. Overcome government and local government restrictions on access to social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, PUBG, Fire Free, Twitch, etc.). Ban any other websites from anywhere Watch live TV broadcasts, movies and sports from any country or anywhere.

Anonymous connection and privacy protection

FlyVPN For Android – Secure & Fast VPN – Latest Version

If you use a VPN, the IP address and location will be blocked and you will no longer be able to track activities on the Internet.

There are no stored records and no DNS leaks. The free VPN Tomato will protect your privacy.

Protect your equipment
FlyVPN can protect your device connection when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots or mobile data networks. Your password and personal data are safe and protected from hacker attacks.

Search the web anonymously to increase speed

FlyVPN is fast! It will automatically detect your location and connect you to the nearest fastest server, which means your connection will be much faster than using other VPNs.


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