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Facebook ID Proof – Create ID Card

The importance of create ID Proof for Facebook

Are you a police or customs officer working at a bank or car rental company and have a personal or passport relationship?

Then download the ID Tool to your phone or tablet!

By checking the ID, you can evaluate the identifiable and readable ID area.

The machine-readable part of the passport is manufactured according to ICAO standards It is created from the personal data of the area of ​​visibility.

The ID card will calculate the correct number based on your birth and effectiveness date and verify that the number is correct.

In the professional version, you can check that the machine’s fully readable zones (such as serial number, date of birth, expiration date, personal number and full identification number) are correct. You can find a demo in the settings.

It also describes the OCR-B font graphics used, including counterpart examples This template allows you to compare the current number to the OCR-B type.

The application shows examples of fake IDs with incorrect mechanical reading areas.

The identity card was developed with the assistance of detective inquiry and can be used in over 190 countries to prove your identity card.


✔ Check the validity of the number dialed in the machine-readable area
✔ Check the appearance of numbers and letters in the standard OCR-B
✔ Examples of identification of counterfeit personal files
✔ Expert function demo mode

You can verify the CNIC (National Identity Card) or consult the CNIC information of any person.

The National Computerized Identification Card (CNIC) is an identity card issued by the National Database Registration Authority of Pakistan (NADRA) facilitates the verification and verification of any CNIC information Established NADRA under government

Area of ​​responsibility:

This appendix finds IDCI card information by number
How to send information:
For all Pakistanis, that 13-digit number is completely different.

The figure consists of three parts. The first part contains five numbers, that is the first number “1” of “12101” identifies your province. People whose CNIC numbers start with 1 are residents of Khiber Pakhtunkhva province, 2 also represent FATA, 3 represent Punjab, 4 represent Sindh, 5 represent Belokistan, 6 represent Islamabad and 7 represent Gilgit-Balstan.

The second issue of the CNIC number shows your region, which means that each number represents a different region from the province, and the other three numbers represent your district, municipality, and union committee.

The second and a half part of the CNIC number consists of seven numbers separated by hyphens, i. KSKSKSKSKS-1234567-Ks is basically the code of the citizen’s house number. This regulation is the pedigree of citizens.

At the bottom there is only one digit, representing the gender of a person. Men use uneven numbers, that is.1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and women use even numbers. 2 4 6 8

This is the method of generating the CNIC number using the Nadra automatic system.

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