English Font Style Free Download – New Urdu fonts 2021

English Font Style Free Download – New Urdu fonts 2021

The light-colored letters have themed patterns, and provide stylish text views with fancy fonts and cool styles, such as Italian, mono space, Old English, etc.

Let’s write some stylish letters and beautiful text to send to someone

1) More than 121 stylish and elegant texts and artistic styles
2) 55 stylish fonts
3) Quickly copy/share/send to any application, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp
4) Personalized style editor, you can create your own style and name for games such as Pro Player
5) Elegant text emotion collection.

English Font Style Free Download – New Urdu fonts 2021

6) Personalized multi-color image editor
7) Simple and clear user interface
8) Decorate the text with unique icons, emojis and styles, and create beautiful and stylish texts
9) Quickly change your text style and press directly from the stylish keyboard.
10) 12000+ Quotes Collection: “Best Quotes and Status” is an application that provides a large number of quotes for different categories.


– Text: Add and personalize as much text as needed
– Stylish fonts: create text and overlay it on the image, or place them individually in a beautiful poster
– Text color: put your text in any fill option, it can be solid color, linear gradient
– Stylish fonts: Choose from more than 100 hand-selected fonts. Or use your own letters!

English Font Style Free Download – New Urdu fonts 2021

– Change background: You can choose to perform this operation: color, gradient or image.
– Remove wallpaper: everything found on the green screen, blue screen or Google pictures is behind only a white background; stylish characters can make it transparent to you.

Export images: Save or share images in any format or resolution you like for easy access, you can use quick share buttons to share images in social media applications by clicking a button (e.g., Facebook, WhatsApp) Twitter, Instagram.

English Font Style Free Download – New Urdu fonts 2021

This app allows you to explore different Urdu characters and finally helps you choose the right one.

The project also thanks you for naturally writing Nastalikh for Urdu content on mobile devices. In short, it can help you make better decisions about choosing the right Urdu font for Android apps or mobile apps.

Fonts are a key element of the user interface that affects the first impression of the user’s application.

English Font Style Free Download – New Urdu fonts 2021

It is believed that the choice and attractiveness of fonts make this application eye-catching.

One of the main reasons is the beauty, beauty and size of the font. The choice of characters is very important because it makes the text more natural and easy to read and understand.

A cursive alphabet compiler has been created for Urdu speakers all over the world (such as Pakistan, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany). People can read Urdu on these devices via Android devices. Language content.

The inspiration for this project is deep: app developers and mobile content creators are encouraged to create content in Urdu and use the correct Urdu font for better results.


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