DU Recorder – Screen Recorder And Video Recorder For Android

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder And Video Recorder For Android

DU Recorder is a best Android screen recorder for Android that can help you record clear and bright videos.

DU Recorder has various functions such as screen capture, video recorder, video editor, and without any source, DU Recorder provides an easy way to record videos on the screen, such as video games, video calls, live performances, etc.-everything becomes Easier!


– No source required, no time limit recording
– Data sheet: Video, 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS
– He proposed to communicate in the Second Kingdom 20

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder And Video Recorder For Android

Key Features:

★ Screen Recording

DU recorder provides fixed screen recorder With this screen recorder, you can easily record video games; you can record video calls with family and friends; you can also record popular shows in live shows such as Periscope and Bigo Live The DU recorder has the following functions:

– Some suggestions, frame rate and bit price; HD video support
– Pause/resume screen recording
– Check the front camera (fixed camera)
– Record external sound
– Record the control screen through the flashing window or notification bar; hide the transparent video window
– Display the click function in the screen video
– Shake the device to stop screen recording
– Maximum storage space: internal storage / SD card
– Brush: Touch screen drawing
– Use computer Wi-Fi to download videos and screenshots to the computer
– GIF Maker: GIF recorder can help you record the screen as GIF
– Living Creator: Use DU Recorder to upload the screen to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder And Video Recorder For Android

★ Video Editor

The DU Recorder team provides many video editing services that can help you create the best videos You can easily perform the following video editing tasks with the screen recorder:

– Edit video/delete video center
– Merge videos: merge multiple videos into one
– Play wall-mounted music on the video
– Adjust the video size
– Download video information
– Introduction video
– Taking photos of the back in the video
– Change video speed
– Convert video to GIF

★ Live Creator

DU Recorder screen broadcast, you can broadcast the screen to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. You can list toys to show off your skills, or you can stream movies, TV shows and games to share your interests with more people! DU Group provides the following functions to help you live a simple life:

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder And Video Recorder For Android

– Broadcast resolution setting, enhance the flow in the environment
– Live broadcast privacy level setting
– Regular public feedback
– You can use the front camera in flight
– Live broadcast tools: Use many YouTube live broadcast tools for high-quality live broadcasts: contribution, subscription and subscription goals, robot messaging…

★ Screenshots and Image Editing

DU recorder is not only a screen recorder for videos, but also an application for taking screenshots and editing photos With DU Recorder, you can take pictures with one click With one hand No need to double-click and hold. Quick and easy You can also share your screenshots or use the in-app photo editing tools to drag and upload personal photos.

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder And Video Recorder For Android

– Use notification or water window to take screenshots-click to take.
– Body image: You can combine multiple images into one.
– Bad image: Insert an image to cover the undesired area.
– Training image: Keep only the required images.


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